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US30 Scalper EA MT4

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US30 Scalper EA is a next-generation scalping robot developed by a highly experienced team in trading and coding. It is designed for scalping on one of the most popular Wall Street indices in the United States (US30).

This strategy has undergone extensive testing on both real and demo accounts and is currently in use on several investment accounts with varying Profit/Risk ratios.

Methods and risk strategies NOT used: grid, martingale, or funding. Each trade has a Stop Loss and Take Profit level.

US30 Scalper EA has been fully optimized and is ready for operation. Your task is to add US30 Scalper EA to the US30 index chart with a M15 timeframe.

Use a broker with low spread differentials. Before using it on a live account, test it on a demo account for 12 weeks to ensure compatibility with your broker.


  • Currency pair: US30, DJ30 (Dow Jones pair)
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Minimum deposit: any
  • Account type: Raw accounts for the lowest spreads

IMPORTANT!!!: It is crucial to use LOW SPREAD accounts for the best results (100-150)!


  • Trading on US30.
  • Does not use Grid, Hedge, or multiple open trades.
  • Each trade is protected by a Stop Loss.
  • Built-in automatic lot bidding function.
  • Very easy to install; no need to change settings, default settings are perfect for most brokers.
  • Use a VPS to keep the EA running 24/7 (highly recommended).

Risk Warning:

  • Before purchasing the EA, be aware of the risks involved.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future profitability (EA could also incur losses).
  • Backtests shown (e.g., in screenshots) are highly optimized, and results cannot be directly applied to live trading.
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shunphatpoh 2024.04.24 16:59  


Great EA, consistent profits, very easy to use and good risk management functions. As ever Lo is super responsive on messages and always helpful – very clearly looks after his customers like he claims. Thank you!



Kady159 2024.04.19 13:38  


Best support and good promotion for customer. Thank you.



sentinal2k1 2024.04.16 04:43  


US30 is the best EA around. It is very simple to setup and Lo is always available to help with any questions and concerns. I tested the EA on a demo for a few weeks and transitioned to a live, small account, and already seeing the account grow. Best thing is to set it and let it do its job. Thanks!


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