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The GS Spider 2021 robot is the absolute novelty of 2021! You can watch the GS Spider 2021 EA’s work in the video below. This is a pair of GBPUSD, H1 timeframe. In the example below, the EA works with aggressive settings. The yield of GS Spider 2021 with such settings is about 300% per month!

Description of GS Spider 2021
The GS Spider 2021 is the most stable and profitable version of the project Trader21.RUalready known to many. The robot was released in 2021 and was created for professional investment in the forex market. The robot can run on more than 20 currency pairs in fully automatic mode. In its strategy, the EA uses a grid structure of orders with unique logic, which is one of the best developments to date among all existing grid algorithms!

The trading robot GS Spider 2021 uses a clever algorithm to open trades: unlike other griders, GS Spider 2021 does not open ill-considered counter-deals in the accelerating market – it first waits for consolidation – and only then enters the market, which improves the entry point by increasing the chances of a reversal of the price. As a result, the robot gets a safer closure of the order grid against the trend. Robot GS Spider 2021 can now rightly be considered a professional investment tool, as its functionality and options allow you to earn on different parts of the market!

The EA can trade not only in two directions on the range market, but also one way – in the direction of the potential of the daily timeframe. When trading on the H1 timeframe, the robot withstands a recoilless movement of more than 1000 points,making it almost “unsinkable” net forex robot. Below are the tests of the GS Spider 2021 EA on the GBPUSD currency pair for the period November 2020 – January 2021: from the starting deposit of $10,000 the EA made more than $130,000 profit (in just 3 months)!

Also, GS Spider 2021 constantly monitors the lotability of Buy/Sell orders, optimally calculates break-even levels and profits, as well as can build up Equiti on cycles, which allows you to quite safely earn a good profit at the distance.
The EA withstands market collapses similar to the sharp rise of the Swiss Franc (usdCHF pair in January 2015) or the sharp fall of the British Pound after the Brexit referendum (the PAIR GBPUSD in June 2016).
The real account of trading the robot GS Spider can be seen on MyFxBook, where the EA for 4 months increased the deposit by 626%, earning more than 6000 points.


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