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TPSpro TRENDPRO – is a trend indicator that automatically analyzes the market and provides information about the trend and each of its changes, as well as giving signals for entering trades without redrawing! The indicator uses each candle, analyzing them separately. referring to different impulses – up or down impulse. Exact entry points into transactions for currencies, crypto, metals, stocks, indices!

– Version MT5            DETAILED DESCRIPTION      /     TRADING SETUPS                   Recommended to use with an indicator – RFI LEVELS

Main functions:

  • Accurate entry signals WITHOUT REPAINTING!
  • Once a signal appears, it remains valid! This is a significant distinction from repainting indicators that might provide a signal and then alter it, potentially leading to deposit losses. Now, you can enter the market with higher probability and precision. There’s also a function to color candles after an arrow appears until the target (take profit) is reached or a reversal signal appears.

  • To enhance visual clarity when seeking an entry point, a module was created to initially display the BUY/SELL zone, where the optimal entry point in the market is sought. Additional intelligent logic in managing the stop-loss level over time helps reduce its size, thereby decreasing initial risks when entering a trade (move sl).

    • Display of MIN/MAX from a higher timeframe (MTF Mode)

A function has been added to display the MIN/MAX correction areas from a higher time interval and indicate trend changes. Additionally, MIN/MAX now have numbering, indicating the sequence of the correction.

  • Risk-to-Reward Ratio (RR)
  • Using the indicator’s algorithms, precise entry points can be identified, with an average risk-to-reward ratio exceeding 1:2. This is visually supported, for instance, by coloring candles after a signal is received.

  • Provides signals regardless of price movement direction.
  • The TPSpro TRENDPRO indicator generates trade entry signals regardless of whether the price moves up, down, or remains in a sideways trend.

    • Trade Win Rate Statistics

The indicator provides information about profit potential and statistics for the previous period, helping you more clearly identify where and how more profit could have been obtained.

  • Works on different timeframes
  • The TRENDPRO indicator can be used on any time intervals on the chart, ranging from minute (M1) to monthly (MN).


    • Graphic and audio alerts

The indicator provides graphic and audio alerts, allowing you not to miss entry signals for your trades.

  • Simple and effective trend scanner
  • A highly compact trend scanner that automatically alerts and sends notifications to your phone when all timeframes converge in one trend.

    • For both experts and beginners

Step-by-step video guidance and instructions explain how to work with the indicator using specific examples, even if you’re doing it for the first time.


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Reviews 17


wuzzy66 2024.02.16 12:07  


A must have indicator I wish somebody told me about this indicator early I was searching for a trend indicator and stumbled into it this would improve your trading profit instantly I paid for the indicator in full and no regrets you need this to make constant profit when it scans for trading opportunities it immediately alerts you that you are in a buy or sell zone and communication with developer is and A++



Ganardiario 2024.02.10 01:15  


Ready, I was able to install it, let’s see how it works. Thanks for your support.



anjane201 2024.02.08 12:08  


One of the best indicators that i have seen , a little bit of learning initially and u are good to go, thank you to the developer for the continuous support


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