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Don Hits


I bring you Don hits an expert in aggressive trading, it is a Multidirectional system, it covers all times and all currencies, with a Drawdown controlthis system uses one of my Martingale logics with a follow-up of what happens in a lower time and in a greater time, it will also be decided if it is necessary to intervene in the Drawdown, I know that many do not like the martin or edge system because They are used to burning accounts, but believe me that my systems are different, it is a logic implemented to cover errors and constantly stay on the road, these systems can have a high DD, that is why they have an internal system designed to control that, remember that the Martins are the ones that produce the most profit in the market

an aggressive system using advanced techniques for grid trading, managing the entire market, it is possible to enter with don hits, since the most advanced in techniques is the protection of controlling either the entry and exit, that is, we will enter in one aggressively but with a rigorous and complex system of constant cumulative defenses

The entries will be monitored by several internal indicators, to know if we are on the edge or at the bottom of some market situation. In addition, we will know how to control the volatility in a special way since we will have API information on market news.

It should be noted that it can be adapted to any currency, be it forex EURUSD, GBPUSD, ETC

also precious metals like XAUUSD, XAUEUR, ETC

among others

💹 My Strategy EA has a live history 💹

Don hits is designed to have constant daily profits

Live performance   🥇
if you want the preset of my signal, ask me privately only my clients


Some outstanding features:

  • Take Profit Updater
  • Big Control News and call API
  • Equity risk control
  • Drawdown control
  • Divider
  • internal analysis patterns
  • controls swaps
  • controls max orders
  • controls max Lots
  • controls different news
  • Etc
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dbgusgh123 2024.05.08 02:17  

answers to questions are quick and friendly


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