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note: this indicator is for METATRADER4, if you want the version for METATRADER5 this is the link:

TRENDMAESTRO recognizes a new TREND in the bud, he never makes mistakes. The certainty of identifying a new TREND is priceless.


TRENDMAESTRO identifies a new TREND in the bud, this indicator examines the volatility, volumes and momentum to identify the moment in which there is an explosion of one or more of these data and therefore the moment in which prices have strong probability of following a new TREND. TRENDMAESTRO never misses a beat, he always identifies a new TREND in the bud without error. This indicator facilitates the reading of charts on METATRADER; on a single window you can call up 28 charts of the FOREX MAJOR 8, the most interesting for me, and you can analyze them with one click, whatever the trading strategy or technical analysis you use.


The signal is simple and immediate: at the first green bar I can evaluate a LONG at the first red bar a SHORT, while the gray and white bars mean no signal and therefore waiting. So the first colored bar is the explosion of volumes and/or volatility and is the one that gives the signal that I can decide to follow. I can decide whether to open a new LONG TRADE at the close of the first GREEN bar and a new SHORT TRADE at the close of the first RED bar. To close the TRADE I can put the TP or SL on the white balls or if I want a quicker TRADE I can close the TRADE on the first white or gray bar after I entered.


The DEFAULT settings are good for all ASSETs, this indicator can be used on all listed assets, futures, shares, forex, commodities, crypto, bonds, any asset. By DEFAULT the list includes 28 FOREX pairs, but it is possible to modify the list on the INDICATOR settings and add ACTIONS, COMMODITIES etc..etc…


– all rental and purchase licenses include: 5 activations per user on 5 different PCs owned by the buyer – no time limit for installations if purchased. – YOUTUBE Channel: – for contacts: [email protected]

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