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Friday Pro MT4




Introducing Friday Pro, the ultimate Expert Advisor that empowers you to unlock the full potential of weekend markets. Break free from traditional methods that rely on risky martingale, grid, or scalp strategies with minimal gains and monumental stops. Friday Pro takes a new approach, originating from the wisdom of institutional floor traders, ensuring precise and consistent results.

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·         Seize the Weekend: Experience hassle-free weekend trading with Friday Pro’s set and forget strategy. Set your parameters and let the EA handle the rest, leaving you with more time and peace of mind.

·         No Grid, No Martingale or Reckless Trading Strategy: Bid farewell to reckless techniques. Friday Pro abstains from martingale or grid systems, prioritizing your capital’s security and promoting intelligent risk management.

·         Precision and Reliability: Embrace a disciplined trading method, leveraging precise entries and exits. Friday Pro’s proven approach keeps you on track for consistent success.

·         Backed by Professionals: Derived from the expertise of institutional floor traders, Friday Pro draws on decades of market wisdom, empowering you with a time-tested edge.

·         Fully Optimizable: You can find settings which for any other tradeable financial instrument.. which makes this Expert versatile and usage for years to come!

Step into the realm of confident weekend trading with Friday Pro, knowing that this EA is designed for reliability and performance. Ride the waves of opportunity with a strategy built for sustained success.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your trading journey. Embrace the power of Friday Pro and harness the weekend markets like never before.


  • Default usage is for USDJPY (profit target and stoploss set to 190), to use for GBPJPY set profit target as 160 and stoploss as 90)
  • You can use Fixed Lot or Dynamic (Percentage of account) trading size
  • Install on M1 (1 minute)
  • Note this trades ONCE a week per pair
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voda007 2023.09.10 17:07  


good EA very safe,reliable


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