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Safe FX Scalping suitable for Prop Firm V1.5

Safe FX Scalping




Safe FX Scalping SFS: Experience Automated Forex Scalping with SFS – A Reliable Expert Advisor Utilizing a Systemized Momentum Breakout Strategy, High-Quality Trades, and Advanced Money Management Techniques

!! No backtest manipulation, no backtest fitting, it’s a real legitimate forex trading expert advisor strategy with actual results


Revolutionize your trading with our highly effective trading robot. Our trading robot is specifically designed to be effective in the supply & demand zone, structure support, and resistance zone, utilizing a well-organized method of entering or existing trades with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio.

Safe FX scalping EA is entirely automated with adaptive inputs, ensuring that you can take advantage of market opportunities at any time. It uses pending orders to enter the market with unmatched precision and accuracy, boasting a 95% winning rate that is sure to maximize potential profits.

With a very low drawdown rate, our Safe FX scalping EA is contrary to other trading systems, ensuring that you minimize your losses and protect your outcome. Our Safe FX scalping EA follows strict money management principles with hard stop loss and hard take profit for every trade, providing you with a reliable and consistent trading experience

Our fast and reliable algorithmic method monitors trades, modifications, and closings to ensure that you never miss a single trade opportunity. Unlike other trading robots that use grid functionality or martingale or other very risky methods, our Safe FX scalping EA relies on getting in and out of trades quickly, which leads to high possibilities of reliability and constant results in the future.

Safe FX scalping robot is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, providing you with a product that delivers. It has been tested on IC market, FTMO, FIVERS, MFF TickMill, from 2018-2022, ensuring that it is making a smart trading decision.

Our Safe FX scalping EA is perfect for prop trading and funded accounts like FTMO, FIVERS, MFF, or others. And, once you purchase our product, we will send you set files, making it even easier for you to get started.

Important, this robot is very cheap, and this is intended as this robot is still new in this market, and after selling a few copies I will increase the price to $799

Best Trading Pairs EURUSD, USDJPY
Recommended Time Frame 1 Hour
Minimum Deposit $100
Minimum Leverage 1:100
Recommended Broker Account Hedging ECN Account. Low Spread, And Zero Stop Level



– Entirely automated system with adaptive inputs.

– Uses pending orders to enter the market.

– Very high accuracy rate, 95% winning rate

– Very Low Drawdown Rate, Contrary to Other Trading Systems

– Follows strict money management with hard stop loss and hard take profit for every trade.

– A fast and reliable algorithmic method to monitor trades, modification, and closing.

– Does not use gird functionality or martingale or other very risky methods.

– Tested on IC market, FTMO, FIVERS, MFF TickMill 2018-2022

– Good for prop trading and funded accounts, like FTMO, FIVERS, MFF or others, message me after purchase to send you set files




Input Setting:


1)           Start trading time: when to start trading

2)           Stop Trading Time: when to stop trading

3)           Magic Number: Put a different number for each pair

4)           Trade comment: put a comment to identify trades

5)           Pick fixed lot size: choose your lost size, or zero if using risk %

6)           Take profit in points: put take profit in points

7)           Stoploss in points: put stop loss in points

8)           Points to start trailing: when the EA will start trailing SL

9)           Trail distance points: how many points below market the SL will be

10)         Trading time frame: what time frame the EA will trade

11)         Check every X candle: after how many candles the EA will check again

12)         Check again after x hours: after how many hours the order will be expired



I want to emphasize that my EA is not a guaranteed solution for winning a funded account, but rather a useful tool to improve the chances of success. the focus should be on avoiding lossing the challenge, second aiming for the 14-day extension, This approach, can greatly enhance the chances of winning a funded account in the current or subsequent months


For Easy Setup

– Open 1H timeframe charts for each pair EURUSD and USDJPY.
– Start EA on each chart and make sure to set different magic number.
– Set the suited money management, fixed lot, risk percent





The default settings are optimal for both EURUSD and USDJPY trading currency pairs and for most brokers, no set files are needed. You can do more specific optimization for your broker.

The results of scalping trading entirely depend on the quality of the brokerage executions. you can of course message me for advice on choosing the right brokers.

If You need further assistance, You can direct message me.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out for help and support by leaving a comment in the section dedicated to the EA after your purchase.

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Reviews 20


1975Sunci 2023.08.26 21:34  


Hello Syd!, please add me to your friends, i have bought your EA .



Lelolo90 2023.05.09 20:55  


For all the people out there complaining, I have used this both live and done a lot of backtest and can say that im more than pleased. It is what it says it is, a “Safe Scalper”, the risk is almost none. And for all people who knows how the market works, Low Risk = (potential)Low Reward, High Risk= (potential)High reward. You will never get Safe Scalper with Grid or Martingale because you multiply your risk with every trade that is wrong. Take the following in mind and I wish you all the best of luck: 1. Its a scalper, be aware of what type of account you are using or the spread will eat most of the value. 2. The DD is more or less nothing, no martingale, no blown up accounts (again, with right account type). 3. Just look how smooth balance/equity moves together in back test (safe money out and in). 4. I would say that its good to have at least 1500 EUR/USD in the account for the “minor” bumbs that occurs in the pairs. If you know the market or watch the news, you know why the bumps are there and they should be there. 5. If you want to take more risk than none (like I do), increase the RiskPercent in input. This is not a recommendation, but I use 4. Best of luck all, and thanks Sydashrf for an amazing product.

Kristyna Janska


Kristyna Janska 2023.04.10 15:23  


I have back-tested this EA for an extensive period of time. I have altered the setting slightly which proven to give me a good result. I have the EA running on live account now and so far, trades are profitable. I will update after longer time, but for now I have positive review. For the price, this is a great EA. People who write negative feedback expect too much too fast.


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