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The first thing to note is the EA has real monitoring, and besides the author kindly provided the investor password,and therefore each of you can make sure that the monitoring is really real.

Account data:

Server MT4
Score: 1036641
Password: MF2020

Come and study the trading history of the MFManipulatehunter Pro. Or you can go to monitoring and there to study all the data:

If you click on the picture, go to the monitoring itself. Profit was 128.37% and this is only for less than 5 months, which is a good enough result with a drawdown of 27.48%. Few advisers are able to produce such an effect. In addition to this monitoring, the author has another one launched at the same time:

As we can see here the situation is a little better in profit, and on drawdown almost identical indicators. Clicking on the picture can also go to the monitoring and study in more detail.

The EA works on the following currency pairs:Eurusd, Gbpusd, Usdjpy, Usdcad, Usdchf, Eurjpy, Eurgpb, Gbpjpy, Audusd, Nzdusd.

The author recommends using all 10 pairs at once, and a starting deposit under such conditions $ 100 on a cent account (10,000 cents), i.e. it turns out to be 1 pair of 1,000 cents. A standard or ECN account recommends at least $5,000 or less pairs.

Timeframe H1 or H4. And all settings are recommended to use by default.

Complete with the MFManipulatehunter Pro V2.0 for MT4 is a fibo indicator.

This EA with real monitoring and investor password, which already shows that it is a really good trading tool. You don’t see that very often.

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