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GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor Trading Video

The GS Bitcoin robot is a special robot designed to trade exclusively with Bitcoin! Trades only on the BTCUSD pair! Absolutely new in March 2020! You can watch the GS Bitcoin advisor workflow in the video below. This is BTCUSD, M5 timeframe. In the example below, the EA works with aggressive settings. The profitability of GS Bitcoin with such settings can be up to 50% per month or more (maybe even up to 168%)!

Description of GS Bitcoin advisor
The GS Bitcoin robot is a grid advisor that trades exclusively on the BTCUSD asset in the MetaTrader4 trading terminal. GS Bitcoin uses the same trading strategy as the GS Spider 2020 robot . The abbreviation ” GS ” in the name is an abbreviation for Grid Strategy, which stands for Grid Strategy! The technology of building grids in this robot shows itself to be stable and profitable at a distance. Robot GS Bitcoincan be used for professional investing in the forex market. Trading with only one BTCUSD asset allows you to keep the risk at a low level, and the maximum optimization of the advisor and the range nature of BTCUSD allow you to take stable profits from trading using this grid technology! GS Bitcoin Advisor can earn 10, 50 and even more than 100% per month with the appropriate settings!

The GS Bitcoin trading robot can trade both simultaneously in two directions and in one direction. The grid construction technology is designed in such a way that the robot opens the next order in the grid only if it consolidates. While the order is trailed along the trend with a dynamic stop loss – thereby diversifying the risk. When the advisor closes one of the order grids, the trader’s account receives super-profit.

The GS Bitcoin robot perfectly trades in the MetaTrader4 terminal with brokers that provide an opportunity to work on the BTCUSD asset . If you do not know which broker to choose, then feel free to trade with a brokerRoboforex . When opening a trading account, enter the partner codefcns – and in addition you will receive a good commission to your account during the main trade!

Below is a test of the GS Bitcoin advisoron the BTCUSD currency pair for January 2020 : from an initial deposit of $ 10,000, the advisor made more than $ 16,000 in profit!

The GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor constantly monitors the lot of Buy / Sell orders, optimally calculates the breakeven and profit levels, and can also increase Equiti in cycles, which allows you to earn good profit at a distance rather safely.

The GS Bitcoin robot is already configured and ready to go! When purchased as standard, there are settings with minimal risk. The kit also includes a detailed guide to trading this robot and ready-made set files with normal and more aggressive settings.

The GS Bitcoin robot is great for relatively safe trading on a single BTCUSD asset. But for those who like to overclock deposits– the robot has everything you need for this! Even trading only one BTCUSD asset, you can earn up to + 50% or more percent per month!


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