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ATS Advisor MT5

All Old Version + V2.41

The MT4 version of the expert Advisor is here –

(In MT5 and MT4 versions, there may be slight differences due to the implementation of the code on MT5)


I recommend testing on a broker like my report (IC Market. s).  (ECN account (Raw spread/Razor etc.))

The period for testing with 100% quality is no more than 2-3 years, depending on the broker, because older quotes are not quite high-quality, you can see this in the log at the beginning of testing (no tick data in some intervals).


Fully automatic adviser, with a system for recovering from losses.
The strategy is based on the breakdown of significant levels, with automatic calculation of Stop Loss (200-400 points (5 digits)).
The EA has been tested from 2010 to the present day in various market conditions/periods .

  • Always use stop loss
  • Not used martingale / grid/ hedging, etc. (the recovery function uses a 1-time lot increase)
  • Complies with FIFO rules

For testing, you need a history of 100 bars The recommended pair is EURUSD. Timeframe M30.
Monitoring of real trading Advisor –

Recommendations for Risk values :

  • Risk = 3-5 – Low risk;
  • Risk = 7-10-Average risk;
  • Risk = 15-25 – High risk;

Recommended-ECN / STP Broker with a minimum StopLoss level of 0-1 pips/spread of 0-5 pips (5 characters) /VPS server.

Trading leverage is 1: 100 or higher (you can use a smaller leverage but with a lower Risk value)



  • Show EA Comment – show EA comments;
  • Magic Number – transaction ID;
  • EA Comment – comment to trades.
  • Lots (or “Lots”>0 and “Risk”==0 or “Lots”==0 and “Risk”>0)
  • Risk (or “Lots”>0 and “Risk”==0 or “Lots”==0 and “Risk”>0)
  • Use percent of balance – use a percentage of the balance to calculate the auto lot;
  • Take Profit (in pips) –  take-profit;
  • AutoSL – automatic calculation of SL;
  • Stop Loss (in pips) – stop-loss;
  • Max Spread (in pips) – maximum spread control;
  • Buy Pending Shift (in pips) – shift to place a buy order;
  • Sell Pending Shift (in pips) – shift to place a sell order;
  • Winter GMT Offset – server winter time zone;
  • Trade at friday (On/Off) -enabling and disabling trading on Friday;
  • Auto Min Profit(On/Off)-  automatic calculation of the minimum profit for a trailing stop;
  • Minimal Profit for TrailingStop (in pips) – number of pips required to start a trailing stop;
  • Trailing Stop (in pips) – the size of the trailing stop;
  • Trailing Step (in pips) – the step of the trailing stop;
  • Recovery mode (On/Off) – drawdown recovery function (on/off);
  • Multiple start recovery (trailing)– coefficient for trailing/no loss for recovery function;
  • Multiple lot for recovery mode – lot calculation factor for recovery function;
  • Number of recovery trades – the number of transactions (trades) in the recovery mod;
  • Activate Recovery Force –  forced activation of recovery mode.
  • Split Pending Orders (use only if need (test before)) – Enable splitting a position into several orders (I didn’t test it on a real account, you need to check it!) By default, the function is not needed, only if desired and necessary!;
  • Split to “X” orders – split  position into ” X ” orders;
ATS Advisor MT5
Reviews 20


wieskra 2021.08.25 08:04  


I thought for a long time before I bought this EA and I don’t regret the money spent. This EA in real life works the same as during the tests. In addition, very good support from the author, he responds very quickly if you have any questions, he also places important information in the comments section. If you are looking for a solid EA, in my opinion this one is one of the best on the market. Don’t wait, buy it now. Great job Ivan. Thanks

Michael Dhen


Michael Dhen 2021.08.20 23:32  


tolles moneymanagement, super Trefferquote, der EA handelt nur selten im Monat, dafür aber effizient und überwiegend profitabel. Die Kosten des EA wurden nach wenigen Monaten mehrfach wieder eingespielt.



DTP2021 2021.08.20 05:04  


EXCELLENT EA AS ARE ALL OF THIS AUTHORS EA, excellent support, i was having a few issues and Ivan took the time to help me diagnose the problem via team viewer. All Authors should take notice of how to provide excellent support from this author


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