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NightTrader MT5




No grid! No martingale! No manual configuration or adjustment needed! Every trade is protected by stop loss.

You can find metatrader4 version here:

This Expert Advisor only trades for a short time frame at night, during the ending of the New York session.

It uses low volatility moments in EURUSD and enters trades based on indicators. It then manages those trades with dynamic stop losses and take profits also based on indicators. A safety mode further reduces possible losses based on Bollinger Bands.

Please find a signal for this expert here:

Basic Parameters

  • Custom Magic – magic number, unique number to identify Expert and Currency pair
  • Custom Comment – trade comment
  • Maximum allowed spread – limit the maximum allowed spread based on your broker conditions
  • Maximum allowed slipage – limit the maximum allowed slippage
  • Use dynamic Money Management – enable automatic determination of lot sizes
  • Risk – determine a risk for each trade in percent of equity divided by 10 if the above parameter is enabled.
  • Max Lot-Size – maximum lot size to be opened per trad
  • Use only fixed Lot-Size – when dynamic money management is disabled, all trades are opened with this fixed lot size
  • Use swap-filter – If enabled this expert will not open trades shortly before a negative swap of the set amount would be created
  • Swap Rollover Hour of your broker – The hour (in GMT) at which your broker will credit or subtract swaps to/from your account
  • Max minus swap allowed – The timespan taken into account for swap checking
  • In Minutes Swap Check to Prevent trading – max. height of allowed swap costs per lot. (Please use positive number)
  • Safety-Mode – if enabled, Bollinger Bands are used to further reduce possible losses
  • Is New York in DST – set to true if New York uses Daylight saving time (Spring). Set to false if New York does not use Daylight saving time (Winter)
  • Trade On Sunday – Set true, to trade on Sundays
  • GMT Offset in Hours in Hours – for backtesting, auto-calculation of GMT is not possible, so you still have to set this GMT offset of your broker manually if you want to get the best results from backtesting
  • Use Newsfilter – Set true to use newsfilter
  • First symbol for newsfilter – Add newsfilter currencies to block
  • Second symbol for newsfilter – Add newsfilter currencies to block
  • News source – don’t change unless instructed – URL for news feed
  • Remote disable functionality – When true, trading will be suspended in sync with our signal
  • Switch off source –  URL for remote disable functionality
  • Receive notifications – if enabled you will get notifocations about various activities of this ea
  • Optimization Values – set of values that optimize the general trading behavior of this EA. When market conditions change over time, we may publish new values.

ECN and 5-digit broker recommended, but not required.



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