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FXCore100 v5.1




FXCore100 v5.1 (no DLL)

The FXCore100 v5.1 IS not a original or renamed version from a manufacturer with small modifications. That’s just worth noting that he is quite well behaved and shows positive results. Many people do not really want to use this option, but based on the tests and positive dynamics on the demo and real accounts, we can not agree with it. The tool is quite interesting and worthy of attention.

Like the original comes in a set of 2 advisers: to buy and sell (Sell and Buy).


There’s not much in the settings that can be changed. Basically trading time and the first lot with TP. The EA uses Martingale’s strategy,and therefore it is highly recommended to adhere to the specified rules on balance and the number of windows of currency pairs. All this is painted in the guide, which comes with an advisor. We recommend even a little increase in these amounts for greater reliability.

According to the author during the work of the adviser, he never went to minus for me. There are no monitorings for verification, so we can’t verify it.

The EA is exclusively created for trading on EUR/USD pair. It has a mechanism for working with this currency instrument. Many write that it is necessary to monitor the market and not get into one-way traffic.

Together with version 5.1 put in the file version 2.0, which exactly completely coincides with the product of the author.

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