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Arbor MT4




Arbor EA is an advance system that uses a number of tools including news filter, our unique custom made indicators with their ability to scan the market with the most accurate precision. It is very easy to use with only necessary inputs which are very straightforward. Before placing a trade, it evaluates the market carefully hence every single trade is covered with appropriate T/P and S/L. Smart news filter provides security for the capital which we believe is the most important thing in Forex trading. Arbor EA is a result of years of trading & coding experience of a group of professionals based in Warsaw, Poland. It is a fully automated, multi-currency Expert Advisor with a balanced risk-reward ratio. It has been tested on more than 20 years of data during which it survives the most volatile market conditions caused by events like Brexit or COVID-19.

Live signal available here:

<<< current price is $299, after that it will increase to $349  >>>

For comprehensive description of the product, inputs’ description and FAQ click here.

After the purchase please contact me directly so I could send you a manual if you prefer a PDF version. There is a Telegram support group as well so if you are interested in being a member, please do let me know.

Main features of the Arbor EA:

  • Easy to use
  • Multicurrency – works incredibly well on several different currency pairs
  • Doesn’t use any risky strategies(like Martingale, Grid ,…)
  • Handles all currency accounts
  • One chart setup

This EA is sold only on MQL5. If you see it anywhere else, it will not be a genuine version and I won’t be able to provide any customer support.


  1. Add the following URL to the list of allowed URLs in your terminal properties (follow the instructions on tutorial video)
  2. Run Arbor EA on just one chart (best timeframe is H1)


Reviews 9
Prianka Bayu Putra


Prianka Bayu Putra 2022.04.02 10:51  



Backtest results were great. So far Arbor did a good job and I think in the long run, backtest results will come to reality :). Also Mr. Jakub is really nice and responsive, giving his best to help buyers on the group.



kouzy1024 2022.04.01 00:58  



good job ea.

Huai Chen


Huai Chen 2022.03.22 15:51  



really good and reliable EA on MQL5!!!! true stuff


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