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TrendyFollow FX MT4




We are excited to introduce our latest MT4 EA, a powerful forex trading tool based on neural network learning. It draws on the training pattern of CHATGPT. It has learned from over a decade of historical data through neural network machine learning, so the results are very good.

**Neural Network Learning**

This EA is capable of continuously learning and adapting to market changes, providing you with the best trading decisions. However, the future does not always completely replicate history, so the results cannot always be this good. But as long as most market trends are replicated, it can make money, which is the creative concept of this EA.

**Advanced Algorithms**

We have carefully crafted this EA with advanced neural network algorithms that analyze market trends and execute trades based on well-defined parameters. It is able to recognize complex patterns and relationships and make trading decisions based on this information. We continually optimize the algorithm to ensure that it remains efficient in a constantly changing market environment.

**Continuous Improvement**

We are committed to continually refining and enhancing our MT4 EA to provide you with the best possible trading experience. It has multiple adjustable parameters that can be adjusted according to your risk tolerance.


In addition, we typically release updated versions every Monday after incorporating the latest data from the previous week’s training. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates.


Now is the best time to purchase our MT4 EA. If you purchase and use it, please use M15 GBPUSD for live trading only, which is the best based on all data.


Regarding feedback, we hope that if customers encounter any issues, they can first directly contact our customer service team or describe the situation in the comments. This will help us better understand the problems and provide solutions.


In summary, our latest MT4 EA is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use forex trading tool based on neural network learning. It combines advanced algorithms with strict risk management measures to help you achieve success in the forex market. Buy now and start your trading journey!

For M15 timeframes GBPUSD  currency pairs, you can currently use the default settings as they are.

Symbol GBPUSD (Recommend)
Type of account Classic, ECN, PRO
Leverage Any Leverage
Timeframe M15
Settings Default
Minimal/Recommended Deposit 100$
Can work with other EAs Yes
Reviews 6


ARIO 2023.08.25 08:18  


EAs in general are to gain full access to your to your money. The chart is spiked, so it is a no win situation, The house & Dealers always win.

Eduard Dakhin


Eduard Dakhin 2023.08.13 01:48  


Пришлось поломать голову над этим, но это особенно, интересно знать. Что у кого то выходит лучше_ интересная мыслительная система_ идет по порядку, с ускорителем процесса_ в общем он мне помогает делать свою работу_ вызывает массу положительных отзывов.

Edward Febbraio


Edward Febbraio 2023.07.30 12:31  


Only a few weeks of testing and so far as I can tell the expert trades on live exactly like it does on backtests. Sure there was a dip last week, but that is to be expected. Time will tell in the long term. For now I’m very happy!


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