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Trade Republic

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to present you with my most recent work – Trade Republic. It is a very advanced and complex Expert Advisor that operates on a Neural Network. I have been able to implement a number of custom made tools that cooperate with each other and provide information to the Neural Network which makes a decision whether or not a trade should be placed. Being Artificial Intelligence type of robot, it is able to learn and avoid mistakes that happened in the past. Using it is very easy and doesn’t require much experience. All you need to is attach it just to one chart: GBPCHF H1 and it will trade all the other symbols: EURCHF, NZDCAD, CADJPY, AUDJPY, CHFJPY, GBPCAD and EURGBP. These are the best performing currency pairs and even though you are able to add other symbols I do not recommend it

If you wish to see how it performs, here’s the signal:

There is also a live signal recently started on which I run both Trade Republic MT5 and Galaxy 5:

Trade Republic summary:

  • Artificial Intelligence type of Expert Advisor
  • Multicurrency robot with one chart setup
  • Neural Network combined with custom made tools
  • Developed to trade 8 currency pairs
  • Does not use any risky strategies like martingale, grid etc.
  • It has FTMO randomizer built in which will allow its users to have unique trades with different SL and TP values (important for prop firms)
Trade Republic

Trade RepublicTrade RepublicTrade Republic

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stormer 2023.02.24 05:26  


Great result in backtesting. Currently going through 4 weeks of forward testing the result is consistent with backtesting so far. Great EA!

Shifu987 Jingshen


Shifu987 Jingshen 2023.02.22 03:48  


I purchased **galaxy five** and its companion **trade republic** My priority is an EA that does not take too many risks and would stop out early before some big run, not possible with Martingale. Although many EA, even use a less risky, modified Martingale that may not look like Martingale, but it is. Fact is it will always be a part of trading successfully to some minor degree. This EA is not specifically Martingale or grid. Anna’s work is unique in the way that she applies the automation through advanced neural net work. I don’t know the details, but after four days of live trading , the results are very good. I overall I am trading 18 pairs simultaneously all on AI. There’s no way in the world I could ever do this myself without the automation. Overall I provide about 10% manual analysis and control, and allow the AI to handle the other 90%. The future is here. What market manipulation lies ahead we have no idea, but for the moment Anna’s programming… I believe is my favorite. The pairs that are traded automatically have a high enough winning rate that the gains are consistent, not sure the exact percentage but it’s definitely 70% plus. My priority is that the EA – provide as close to 100% hands off intelligence – trade multiple pair for advantage of opportunity. – intelligently handle news events. – intelligently handle random insanity. – Become trust, worthy enough that I can relax! I’m going to give both of these EA 5 stars. **Galaxy 5**…**Trade republic** Because they fulfill a very large percentage of my requirements… more than I have seen in others. “Xi Miao Jingshen” Executive Director, Kaivalya Shaolin Chuan Fa Professor Quantum Naturopathy Healing



cesiek 2023.02.15 12:05  


Bardzo dobry EA generuje dobre zyski i jest bezpieczny w swoim działaniu


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