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Ash AI MQL5 Mt5


Ash AI All Old Version + Ash AI 7.25

Preset + Manual




Artificial Intelligence Based Expert

This EA is only available on and if you are purchasing it anywhere else it is fake and I wont be responsible for its problems and there will be no support.

Special offer: 3 copies will be sold at the price of 349(30% discount) ,only 2 is left.


This EA is only sold on MQL5.  If you are purchasing it somewhere else, it is  fake, it won’t work like the real version, and i wont be responsible for any problemAfter +7 years of coding Deep Learning Algorithms with Python and +9 years of Trading and developing MT5 and MT4 Experts and indicators I have created an expert that uses Algorithms collected by AI to buy and sell on 2 different pairs (“EURUSD” , “GBPUSD”) on two different time frames (“H4”, “H1”) for each pair automatically.

For live: Run the EA on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and it will automatically pick pairs and start trading. and add ”” in the list of allowed URLs in Tools>>Options>>Expert Advisors’

For Backtest: just set the symbol on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and Tester Method can be any of these 3: (Every tick, Every tick based on real tick, 1M OHLC).and turn of the Panel in the inputs for faster backtest.

Link for MT4 version:


  • when you purchase the product send a PM and tell me what symbols you like and i will add them to next update
  • when you purchase I will send one of my own custom indicators (MT4) that i wrote and i use myself

Note 1: Send PM after you purchased the expert, i will add you to my Whatsapp and we can share ideas and answer all your questions and help you to run the EA properly.

Note 2: From now (Oct), I will give an update every week and will add new pairs to it or/and update its algorithm to keep it as updated as i can, so stay tuned and have fun 😉

Note 3: Only use it on Hedge accounts.

Note 4: This is not a money making machine so it needs you to be aware when to use it and when not.

Note 5 : Do NOT run it immediately on real money , run it on demo account first to get used to experts settings and check it with me several times and then run it safely on your money.

It does NOT include any risky strategies like Martingale and …

All Trades are covered by StopLoss and TakeProfit.

The maximum accuracy Backtests showed a high payout rate and very Low DrawDown.


Lot calculation type: can be either Fixed lot which lot will always be same amount or risk percent which is calculated base on Stoploss size

  1. Fixed lot Size: in case of choosing Fixed lot
  2. Risk Percent: It Has a risk management system which you can set your maximum money loss in one trade by percent.(I recommend 2 to 4).
  3. Deposit Currency: your deposit money currency for better calculation of risk management.

Trade Direction: You can choose to only open long or only shorts or both of them

Expert magic number

Trade start Hour: Starting hour for opening new orders (separated by “:” ,example:  16:20)

Trade end Hour: Ending hour for opening new orders

Trailing Stop: It has 3 methods: (1)Fixed Distance, (2)Base on ATR , (3)Profit of all orders

  1. Fixed Distance: distance is fixed on the pips you set
  2. Base on ATR :uses ATR to calculate the distance pips
  3. Profit of all orders : it trails the sum profit of all orders(it wont change the StopLoss)

You can download and test the demo on your broker and see the results yourself.

Ash AI

Ash AIAsh AIAsh AIAsh AIAsh AI

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John Blomberg


John Blomberg 2021.11.07 21:08  



Just wanted to add, anyone complaining about the GPBPUSD performance these last days can’t really blame the EA for this.. I know many traders would be caught off guard with the news from BoE that there was no increase in interest rates. With that said thank you Khuman for your support and that you are adding a news filter to proctect from it happening again in the future, keep up the good work man!



Toten79 2021.11.03 17:23  



There´s not enough stars to review this product! No martingale, no risky strategies at all and, of course, the best part is: 80% of the time the EA opens profitable trades that hits their target! I backtested it for a period of 6 years and it ALWAYS made a lot of money (I even started each year with a $800 deposit) and almost no drawdown, unbelievable. Going live now with a $400 account and in 3 days I already made $25; not only that, everytime the account grows, the trades become even more profitable. Abosultely brilliant code and Khuman is always very helpful. Thanks again, bro, for giving us the chance to access your brilliant EA!



mql5的苦逼搬运工 2021.10.31 22:56  



很棒的一款趋势EA,非常nice,运行效果和复盘一模一样很ok 带止损会斩仓,复盘了99.99%历史10年参数略微跟作者给的不一样!基本上买了MQL5主流所有ea了合作交流请联 QQ2965688647 Let’s make losers’ money


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