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RS Levels MT4


RS Levels MT4




The indicator is designed to build horizontal support and resistance levels. The level search algorithm is based on the grouping of extremes. It is possible to display statistical information for each level, filter the display of levels by a number of properties, adjust the color scheme depending on the type of level (support or resistance).


  • The indicator is ready to work and in most cases does not require special settings
  • Manual or automatic selection of the range of extrema grouping for building a level
  • Selecting the number of nearest levels to display in order to prevent graph clutter
  • Flexible graphics settings (color, style of lines and arrows)
  • To fine-tune the indicator, it is possible to display auxiliary graphical elements, such as extremums, extrema grouping zones, and others
  • Filtering the display of levels by a number of parameters
  • Ability to enable alerts when the price crosses the level with adjustable hysteresis
  • One-click display of level detail (level events will be shown)
  • Ability to flexibly customize the display of level properties
  • Available to run multiple indicators on one chart (additional configuration required)
  • Hot keys for easy control

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Reviews 6
Arnaud Dupas


Arnaud Dupas 2018.07.01 10:05  


Very good tool and good support from the author 🙂

163007 Hailey


163007 Hailey 2016.02.03 20:40  


This indicator is worth a lot more than 10 dollars. EXCELLENT for finding support and resistance. Mr Shevchuk can raise the price now, I bought at 10 dollars…..

Иван Чемадура


Иван Чемадура 2015.05.09 20:08  


Спасибо Автору! Покупкой доволен!


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