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Italo Trend Indicator MT4





ITALO TREND INDICATOR is the best trend indicator on the market, the Indicator works on all time-frames and assets, indicator built after 6 years of experience on forex and many other markets. You know many trend indicators around the internet are not complete, does not help, and it’s difficult to trade, but the Italo Trend Indicator is different, the Italo Trend Indicator shows the signal to buy or sell, to confirm the signal the candles are colored using a complex algorithm that shows neutral movement therefore showing consolidation, strong buy waves and strong sell waves, all of that in one simple and clear Indicator!

Italo Trend Indicator is profitable and stable, and it will show you real strong trends and filter out all consolidation, I know is not easy to stay out of consolidations, but Italo Trend Indicator would give you peace of mind, not trading bad trades and taking the good ones, the ones who really has strong movement. The Italo Trend Indicator has an Edge over the market, this means you will predict where the next strong trend It’s going to be with the highest probability every single time.

You will have on your hands the best predictor of strong trends in the market, you are going to have precise signals and the consequence is amazing results when taking trades with the best trend tool that shows what matters.

The Indicator does not repaint, the Italo Trend Indicator was made to make you a successful trader.

The Indicator shows a circle signal green and red to buy or sell and colored candles, green candles means strong buy trend is going to develop, the red candles means strong sell trend is going to develop and gray candles means the market is inside a consolidation, and you should stay out and wait for another signal to happen. The Italo Trend Indicator also has a professional panel that shows the win rate of the asset based on how much points the market develop after the circle signals, and also if you should look for buy or sell at the moment.

Now you have the perfect trend indicator, you have known the more combinations a trader has, more probabilities to be profitable, you will see the Italo Trend Indicator signals and will trade with confidence since you know in front of you is the best trend indicator to enter the market, the indicator is so good that you will see you can trade with be 3 combinations, the circle signal green or red, the green, red and gray candles, and the panel with the win rate, with this combination you have more chances than any other trader on the market to predict strong trends, the probability is on our side! 

MT4 Version:

IMPORTANT! Contact me after the purchase to get the bonuses!



Benefits of Italo Trend Indicator

  • Unique Algorithm
  • Predict Strong Trends
  • Filter out Consolidation
  • Show signals of buy and sell with colored candles based on a complex  algorithm 
  • Time-frames: All
  • Assets: All
  • Easy to use, does not overload charts with unnecessary information
  • Does not repaint
  • Alerts on charts when the circle signal appears
  • Full customization: Color, styles, number of signals to show and a lot more.
  • Excellent product support

Important Parameters

  • Candles to Reset Signal: Less than 400 you will have more signals on chart
  • Color Candles by Signal: If “Off” you will have only the signals not the colored candles
  • History Candles Count: how many candles on the past chart you want to see the indicator in
  • Show Panel: If “Off” chart would be clean without the panel
  • Take Profit Points: The win rate is calculated based on how many points you put here
  • Alerts_On: if “On” you will have alerts on your chart when a circle signal shows itself
  • Fast Keltner Period and Multiplier: The gray consolidation candles are based on these inputs
  • Range Candle Color: Color of the consolidation candles
  • Horizontal and Vertical Shift: If you want to move the panel somewhere else

I will always help you if you have any questions

For any questions related to the purchase, installation, backtesting and use of the Indicator you can send me a private message on my profile here on mql5:

Reviews 6
Kenneth Wallace


Kenneth Wallace 2023.07.06 16:10  



Great seller. Enjoy all of the indicators. seller is always willing to answer your questions. Thanks again 5 stars

Oleg Moiseyenko


Oleg Moiseyenko 2023.02.23 03:03  



Nicely run in conjunction with the Italo volume indicator plus TDI, though TDI is just for my calm



wealthyjapan 2022.12.11 01:30  



Just purchased everything is working well also the creator of the product offers great customer service ! He responds to messages and even sent me the bonus gifts


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