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TPSpro RFI Levels


A key element in trading is zones or levels from which decisions to buy or sell a trading instrument are made. Despite attempts by major players to conceal their presence in the market, they inevitably leave traces. Our task was to learn how to identify these traces and interpret them correctly.

Reversal First Impulse levels (RFI)

– Version MT5             INSTRUCTIONS          RUS             ENG                                   Recommended to use with an indicator – TREND PRO

Main functions::

  • Displaying active zones for sellers and buyers!
  • The indicator showcases all correct initial impulse levels/zones for buying and selling. Upon activation of these levels/zones, where the search for entry points begins, the levels change color and fill with specific shades. Additionally, arrows appear for a more intuitive understanding of the situation.

    • Displaying levels/zones from a higher timeframe (MTF mode)

Added the function to display levels/zones using a higher time interval. Additionally, the indicator features an automatic trend detection function (TPSproTREND PRO).

  • A separate professional step-by-step algorithm for trading.
  • The algorithm is designed for intraday trading, both following the trend and against it. A detailed instruction is provided for each active template.

  • Works on various timeframes.
  • The TPSpro RFI Levels indicator can be used on any timeframes on the chart, starting from the one-minute (M1) and going up to the monthly (MN).

  • Graphic and sound alerts.
  • The indicator provides both graphic and sound indications, ensuring you don’t miss trade entry signals. Mobile phone notifications are also available.

    • Simple and effective active pattern scanner.
    • This is an extremely compact active pattern scanner that automatically alerts and sends notifications to your phone when patterns are activated across all timeframes in one direction.

    • For experts and beginners.

A step-by-step video guide and instructions will explain how to work with the indicator using a specific example, even if you’re doing it for the first time.

With this indicator you can:

  • It is easy to determine levels for entry points into the market both behind the trend and against the trend.
  • Determine goals (exit points) on any timeframe with high accuracy.
  • Include levels (RFI) from a higher timeframe – MTF mode.
  • There are only three templates for determining the priority for trading.


  • R – Show all RFI levels on history
  • Z – Hide/show panel

🟢 The professional indicator-free strategy TPSPROSYSTEM is based on three recurring price behavior patterns, two of which are predominant on a daily basis. Market price movement adheres to the laws of supply and demand. The more funds buyers have, the more assets they purchase from sellers, causing prices to rise by consuming sell orders one by one. Gradually, the primary volume shifts to sellers, and after some time, a reverse cycle (bearish) occurs. By mastering the precise identification of the entry and exit points of major players who drive market movements, we can enter the market alongside them, thereby increasing the probability of successful trades.

Trading template – (RETEST / BROKEN / MIRRORED) – this is the moment when major players have placed their bets in one direction (buying or selling) within a specific narrow range. After the pattern is formed, the probability of price movement in a particular direction becomes very high.

The First Impulse Levels (RFI) are the levels/areas of maximum volume that unfold the market, thus playing a decisive role in future trading decisions. The logic behind any chart movement is that the price moves from the first impulse level (RFI) to the first impulse level (RFI) of the previous trend. The first impulse level is the most powerful level at the trend reversal, forming a reversal zone. The first impulse level from the reversal of the previous movement also acts as a strong level for correction or reversal. Entry points should only be sought after the appearance of one of the templates at the levels (RETEST / BROKEN / MIRRORED).

We have opened free access to the trading algorithm for everyone interested. The levels and templates can be used for individual trading as they provide precise entry points/zones in only one direction. Additionally, trade directions are indicated by arrows up and down with additional information. For a more in-depth study of each individual template, we have previously created tutorial videos on YouTube.



With this indicator, you will be able to:

  •  Determine entry points into the market along the trend and against it with a probability of more than 90%.
  • ✅ Accurately determine targets (exit points) on any timeframe. 
  • ✅ Activate levels (RFI) from a higher timeframe – MTF mode. 
  • ✅ Just three templates to establish priority for trading.




So, let’s begin. We’ll take the first impulse level RFI that formed after the downward trend reversal (sell-off). We have the beginning of the level, which we refer to as the ‘shoulder,’ and its completion of formation, which we call the ‘RFI completion.


You should already know that RFI, or its zone if it’s broad, represents an area where, for instance taking RFI in a sell scenario, it’s where sellers won, overpowering most buyers, and where the highest number of transactions occurred (peaking). In other words, the maximum volume of transactions took place, leading to the market moving downward. A small clarification: at the moment of forming the RFI reversal zone, we cannot accurately know where it will end. Even with significant trading experience, we can only make assumptions.


Newly formed RFI levels (without templates)

On MTF1 and MTF2, only newly formed RFIs are displayed as grey levels and can be used solely for transactional purposes. WE NEVER TRADE at the exact moment of reversal (formation of RFI), except for ‘MIRRORED,’ which is extremely rare. They are activated by pressing the vertical button – RFI MTF1/RFI MTF2.

We begin to search for trading ideas only at the initial touches – reactions to RFI, after the RFI level/zone has formed. We only know one thing, who dominates the market!


In this RFI SELL, we only know that there is a peak volume that has reversed the market. But we are not taking any action for now. We are waiting for the price to touch this zone/level. And now, what trading ideas can we consider?


We always have two main options for how events may unfold.





At each stage, I will insist on using the RETEST or BROKEN template in the direction of the trend.



Retest of the first impulse level (RETEST RFI)

Return of price to the point where peak volume was recorded, which reversed the market. When the RETEST template is activated, it triggers a warning alert and sends a notification to the phone.

Levels RFI with a timeframe of H1 are used for trading. Additional conditions are checked on the M5 timeframe
The activation of the template/retest is determined automatically by the indicator!


After activating the RETEST template, we require the following conditions on TIMEFRAME M5:

✅ 1. False Breakout or Non-Breakout of the RFI level    ᐳᐳᐳ   (In detail)

✅ 2. Trend change on the current timeframe    ᐳᐳᐳ   (TPSproTREND PRO indicator)


We recommend looking for retests and trading with the trend!




The failure of the first impulse level (BROKEN RFI).



False reversal cancellation and continuation of movement with the current trend. Additionally, a yellow circle appears at the level touch or him MAX/MIN – this is the point from which we seek additional conditions for the entry point.

Levels RFI with a timeframe of H1 are used for trading. Additional conditions are checked on the M5 timeframe
The activation of the template/broken is determined automatically by the indicator!

After activating the BROKEN template, we require the following conditions:

✅  1. Touches of RFI level or MAX RFI level (yellow circle).

✅  2. On the M5 timeframe, the trend should align with the direction of the template. If not, it’s advisable to wait for a new trend change. (TPSproTREND PRO indicator)

🟡 LOGIC AI 🟡 For the BROKEN template, a separate logic has been added. After activation, it displays entry point search areas, minimum levels for TP1/TP2, and determines the template cancellation point, after which it cannot be used for trading. (There is a separate LOGIC AI button on the panel to activate this logic).

  • Yellow circle – A place to search for an entry point (touching the level of ±20 pips).
  • Green circle №1 – The first minimum take profit ≈ 150 pips.
  • Green circle №2 – The second take profit (2 logics).
  • Red circle – Worked out pattern (situation) in the negative.
  • Gray circle – Pattern annulment.


IMPORTANT!! With an active BROKEN template, we should not have a false breakout at the MIN/MAX RFI level!!! If you already have a trade open, it’s necessary to minimize risks. It’s recommended to use the ‘BROKEN template’ for trading only in the direction of the trend!  We recommend trading the BROKEN template only up to two corrections of the higher trend.

RFI Current Timeframe / Hot button (R)  /   Displaying RFI levels for the current timeframe.

  • RFI Sell  – Color of RFI SELL levels (sell levels/zones)
  • RFI BUY  – Color of RFI BUY levels (buy levels/zones)
  • Fill Zone RFI  –  Inner fill for two-level RFI
  • RFI UP DOWN  –  Number of displayed levels up/down
  • Show Additional information (circle)  – Displaying information about the current template.
  • Max Indicator Bars –  Number of bars for analysis

Multitimeframe (MTF 1) Hot button   /  Displaying levels from a higher timeframe

  • RFI1 timeframes  –  Select timeframes for display on the panel.
  • RFI SELL   –  Color of RFI SELL levels (sell levels/zones)
  • RFI BUY   –  Color of RFI BUY levels (buy levels/zones)
  • ATR (height of levels) – Level height parameter (Value 1: Automatic adjustment based on ATR)
  • Active Templates & RFI UP DOWN  –  Number of displayed levels up/down
  • AUTO-Reminder –  Automatic expansion of additional information for the current template within 5 minutes.
  • Show Additional information (circle) – Displaying information for the template.
  • Show Alert to active template + Notification  – Displaying alerts and push notifications on the phone upon template activation.
  • Enable animation (GIF) –  Enable animation for the information circle (in case of trend direction and pattern alignment). (Recommended for trading ✅)
  • Name Sound  – Sound name for Alert
  • Max Indicator Bars –  Number of bars for analysis


2 Multitimeframe (MTF 2) Hot button  / Displaying levels from a higher timeframe

  • RFI2 timeframes   –   Select timeframes for display on the panel.
  • RFI SELL –  Color of RFI SELL levels (sell levels/zones)
  • RFI BUY  –  Color of RFI BUY levels (buy levels/zones)
  • ATR (height of levels)   – Level Height Parameter (Value 1: Automatic adjustment based on ATR)
  • Active Templates & RFI UP DOWN  – Number of displayed levels up/down
  • Show Additional information (circle) – Display information for a template.
  • Show Alert to active template + Notification  – Display Alert and push notifications on the phone when the template is activated.
  • Name Sound  – Sound name for Alert
  • Max Indicator Bars  –  Number of bars for analysis



Unlocking the full potential is possible only by combining these indicators.

Their value can be ‘earned back’ even in a single trade, following standard rules.

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Tukardim 2024.03.20 19:32  


Хочу выразить огромную благодарность этому продавцу за отличный продукт и честность во всех деловых отношениях. Продавец оперативно отвечает на все вопросы, учитывает пожелания клиента и гарантирует честные условия. Большое спасибо за профессионализм и порядочность! Ждём с нетерпением обновлений.



angel 2024.03.14 16:54  


Я купил ваш индикатор TPSpro RFI Levels, прошу помочь мне с ним разобраться, мой адрес [email protected].



basketballugo2 2024.03.04 19:49  


he does fantanics work, the indicator is fire, trading can’t get any easier in 2024


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