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The expert Advisor is fully automated and does not require any manual adjustments. But for experienced traders, there is a possibility of “actions” manually – any closing of orders, restarting the adviser “does not bring down” it.

The EA implements an algorithm for opening orders based on the analysis of the search flow of Ask and Bid price values. The expert Advisor works best when the price moves in a range. The expert Advisor manages to cover the losses from orders that are still in the market with the profit from closed orders. But if you leave orders not closed, this will lead to all the profit being eaten up by orders in the market. Therefore, the adviser implements the algorithm “Earnings in a TIME INTERVAL”.

The essence of the algorithm “Earnings in a TIME INTERVAL”:
1. the Adviser puts a timestamp, in the infopanel it is Time_Point, the beginning of the time interval.
2. the Expert Advisor calculates the profit from closed orders using our settings after this time.
3. the expert Advisor calculates the profit/ loss from open BUY and SELL orders every tick.
4. the Adviser analyzes the amount of profit from “closed orders in our time interval” + “profit/loss from open orders” and when this value exceeds the planned TP in money, the adviser closes all open orders and after closing resets < b>Time_Point to the current time, thereby starting a new time interval. I.e. when “SUM Profit Cycle =” is greater than “Destination Profit =” all orders will be closed and a new cycle (time interval) will begin.

Note:keystroke: «Close Buy orders» или «Close Sell Orders» closes orders in this direction, BUT DOES not MOVE the Time Point, i.e. we remain in the previous time Interval.

Attention: All the closure of the EA performs in automatic mode, the keys you can adjust it to work.

How many orders can the adviser open:
Reference: many brokers limit the maximum number of orders opened in the terminal. As a rule, now many brokers have 200 orders. If you have 200 open orders and you want to open another one, the terminal will not open it and will return error 148. Scalper AvtomatFX.com it can open all 200 orders in the process, so the expert Advisor has a built-in algorithm for analyzing orders opened by other expert advisors or the settings of this adviser.

Setting up the adviser’s working time and the time filter algorithm:
1.If at least one order is opened with this setting, the expert Advisor will open subsequent orders and accompany them until closing for the “Planned TP”, it will not close it itself at a loss for the total profit in the “time Interval”.
2. in the time allowed for trading, the adviser receives “permission” to open the “first order”.
3. Pressing the “Open first order” key will open the first order, regardless of the forbidding settings (setting the time of operation or there are orders from other expert advisors in the market).

Lion 02.075.035 q Indicator Lion indicator q set files and instructions on use.
Lion’s EA has two modes:


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