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Gold Garden MT4


Deep learning is reshaping gold trading, with intelligent assistants tending to trading gardens like skilled gardeners. The “Gold Garden” EA employs deep learning intelligent technology and 20 years of data training to significantly enhance strategy performance. With it, trading becomes more effortless and intelligent. Let’s join hands to usher in the intelligent era and transform trading into a blissful garden. This will be your exclusive Gold Garden Steward.

The MT5 version: Gold Garden MT5
Current introductory offer price of $699, increasing to $999 once sales target is reached.

There is currently a trial event for EAs. After purchase, contact us to obtain access to “TrendMaster FX” or “AI TradingVision GPX”. For more details, please contact us.

Risk settings:

Default is medium risk. The EA has multiple risk settings for safety and control. Cautious users can start with low-risk values to familiarize themselves with the EA.

After purchase:

User manual: Click to view the manual

We recommend sending us a private message to obtain the latest precautions or tips.

Safe and stable EA:

Our EA does not use grid or martingale strategies. Each order has a stop loss. It employs a small lot size and large fluctuation strategy to easily handle news-driven market conditions, minimizing account risk. It is safe and efficient.

Committed to continuous improvement:

We are dedicated to continuously optimizing and enhancing our EA to provide the best trading experience. Choosing our expert advisor means investing in a product with dedicated research and development support. Performance will trend upwards in the future.

Regarding feedback:

If customers encounter any issues, we encourage them to first contact our customer service team via private message to describe the situation, enabling us to resolve the problem promptly.


Currency pair: XAUUSD, intelligent recognition of suffix.
Account type: Classic, ECN, PRO, supports any type
Leverage: Any leverage

Timeframe: M15

Settings: Default
Minimum/Recommended deposit: $300 / $1000 or more
Can work with other EAs: Yes

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Reviews 5
Hugo Lefebvre


Hugo Lefebvre 2024.04.26 17:36  


A very good EA, exactly what I needed. No risky strategies, low risk,and the profits are substantial.



Aceman123 2024.04.22 20:00  


Nice backtest. Let’s see how it does going forward. Author very supportive.



dbgusgh123 2024.03.28 01:21  


It hasn’t been long since I purchased it, but it’s showing good results so far.


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