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☄️ H.I.A.P.E. V3.0 AI (Artificial Intelligence) with set Trend Following EA
✔️Unlimited + Fix + Set


Best Forex Trading Robot 2023 Download it Here! 👉 https://t.me/theassarv10team 🔥 The Hedge Infused Assar Phoenix Elite forex robot is the most advanced algorithm you will ever find anywhere on the internet. The HIAPE trading strategy is based on your targeted market’s (GBPUSD, EURUSD, etc..) sentiment of monetary policy changes and the effects on global trade. Among other influencing circumstances. 🔥The Hedge Infused Phoenix will detect excessive volume within supply and demand zones and execute positions in the direction of the sentiment. The market moves in waves and these waves are identified by the HIAPE. It executes trades on market sentiment or it’s reaction to the wave oscillations. Much like a flock of birds. The Hedge Infused Phoenix will start stacking positions into the market as sentiment grows in strength toward a single bias. The Hedge Infused Phoenix executes stack trades in this way. 🔥Based on the intermediate market trend and market sentiment. So simply put. If the market is dropping. The HIAPE will start adding short sell positions into the market at every sell signal that it receives. As for profit taking and security of your account. Well you know. We use stop losses and it has built in exit signals just in case the market changes direction and hits our stops. Combined with a correlated hedging strategy, the Hedge Infused Assar Phoenix Elite gives you ultimate protection from account blowouts. 😎👌 🟢Check Out My Best Forex Robots, Trade Management Tools and Our Live Trade History by clicking any of the links below:


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