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AREMA Mantra

 AREMA Mantra v5.69.102 (Trading Software versi update 102)


Jual SINERGIFX | AREMA Mantra v5.69.102 (Trading Software versi update 102) – Kota Malang – @ReadySTOK.official | Tokopedia

This third SINERGIFX product MT4 Expert Advisor functions to help traders get consistent profits. Our trading algorithm will automatically determine when to enter the forex market and when to exit. Everything runs automatically, we just need to set the rules to suit your capital capabilities. If there is more than one Open Order, the Basket profit and Profit goal will be automatically calculated.

Product advantages:
– Passed BT and FT for approximately 8 years
– Display information about our trading positions
– Profit_lock/trail, Max_Spread, TimeFilter
– Open strategy options used (2RSI, 3EMA, 3Bollinger Band, Stochastic MTF) can be used simultaneously or individually
– There are several recovery strategies to choose from (oneshot, averaging, fibonacci, max_level, cut_level, stoploss, daily target)
– Works on all MT4 platforms
– Can be used with almost all brokers & currency pairs
– Bonus preset/setfile in recommended pairs

Just install and set it on the VPS/PC, the robot’s algorithm will find its own profit. Pure trading on your own account, your own profit, free withdrawals and deposits.

– If you pay via Tokopedia, we will send the file as a CD/DVD. Softcopy files can be requested via email to make it faster.
– Follow our site and IG Readystok.official and give POSITIVE reviews to get the latest updates from us.
– Make sure you have read our Terms and Customer Services to avoid things we don’t want together. Buying means agreeing.

– Understand the risks of trading and continue to use good financial management. #Arema #freeupdate #mt4 #expertadvisor #trading #tradingvalas #forex #guarantee #aremantra #tradingtool #foreignexchange #crypto #index #gold #robot


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