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TrendMaster FX MT4



Introducing our MT5 EA:

Designed with advanced algorithms and utilizing deep learning technology, our Expert Advisor (EA) is crafted to assist you in the intricate world of forex trading. The system analyzes market behaviors and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. With the backing of nearly a decade of data, the EA employs deep learning to examine past market conditions, aiming to provide enhanced decision-making.

Recommended Currency Pairs:

Live signal :Live signal FX

The MT4 version :TrendMaster FX MT4


The EA is currently running well, and the price increase plan is starting. The next phase will have a price of $838. For every 10 copies sold, the price will increase by $100.

Optional currency pairs:


Special Note: Currently recommended :GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD

Risk Settings:

  • For aggressive traders, the maximum risk is set to 0.15.
  • For more conservative traders, especially those with larger capital, we recommend setting it below 0.05. You may start with 0.01 to get familiar with the operations.

After Purchase:

You can send us a private message to obtain the user manual and precautions, or refer to the recommended user manual: Click to View Manual

Safe and Stable EA:

Our EA does not use grid or martingale strategies. Each order has a stop loss. Hedging protection is provided during significant fluctuations to minimize account risk as much as possible. It’s safe and efficient.

Committed to Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to continually optimizing and enhancing our MT5 EA to provide you with the best possible trading experience. By choosing our expert advisor, you are investing in a product backed by specialized research and development.

Regarding Feedback:

If customers encounter any issues, we hope that they will first contact our customer service team through private messages to describe the situation, allowing us to resolve issues promptly.


  • Account Type: Classic, ECN, PRO
  • Leverage: Any Leverage
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Settings: Default
  • Minimal/Recommended Deposit: $200/$1000
  • Compatibility with Other EAs: Yes

You can also join our channel on mql5 for updates: Click to Join

We use the official chat group on the mql5 platform.User group:Click to Join

Reviews 8


ebel 2024.02.29 05:40  


I started using this EA on 8th January this year, on GBPUSD initially and then added other pairs quite soon afterwards. I am running it on a live ECN account and the results have been amazing! I have added a comment to show my actual results to date. There is obviously no guarantee that this rate of success will continue but I really like the reassurance that every trade has a SL and a TP as soon as it is opened.



asands1 2024.02.16 22:10  


Great ea so far! Setting that follows the fifo rules helps.



danketchersid 2023.12.21 18:47  


The TrendMaster FX EA is outstanding and highly profitable! I have purchased many EAs in the past and this one is the most profitable with the lowest amount of risk. I personally use this EA on over 1 million dollars worth of Prop Funds currently. Chen is also excellent with communication if you have any questions. I highly recommend the TrendMaster FX EA!


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