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Divergence indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER©

is a ready-made trading system which independently analyzes the market and determines the key moments of price reversal and rollback according to the rules of Divergence and Convergence. PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER — this is the first indicator in the world, which is equipped with an intelligent algorithm of self-optimization©. With the help of periodic market analysis, the divergence indicator independently adjusts its parameters so that the trader gets the most effective results.

The divergence indicator gives clear signals about opening and closing trades, as well as shows the levels for placing Take Profit. All trade alerts duplicate in the form of PUSH-notifications. You can place a trading platform with divergence indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER on the VPS-server, receive trading signals on your smartphone and trade using the mobile version of platform.

The function of visualization of signals and calculation of statistics shows trading history WITHOUT REDRAWING, and also allows the user to adjust the parameters of the indicator for each specific currency pair or timeframe.

Algorithm of self-optimization©

The divergence indicator automatically adapts to different market conditions. Just follow the signals of the indicator and earn!

Huge trading opportunities

The indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER can be used on 28 different currency pairs and 5 timeframes!

PUSH & e-mail – notifications

The divergence indicator is equipped with a system of smart signals – PUSH and email notifications. You will learn in time about the need to open/close deals!

Time-tested system

This system really works and these are not simple words, but reviews of real traders over many years of using this algorithm.

Excellent real results!

With the help of divergence indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER in reality increased the capital to 90 000 $



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How the DIVER POWER strategy works?


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