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MT4 To DXTrade

(no dll buil 1400+)




Revolutionize Your Trading with the MT4 to DXTrade Copier: Instant Execution, Elegant GUI, and Advanced Filtering. Seamlessly bridge two trading platforms and simplify your trading across multiple accounts!

User Guide + Demo | MT5 Version

The MT4 To DXTrade Copier does not work in the strategy tester. For a demo please go to the User Guide

Make sure you get the additional file from the user guide that you need for MT4 version!

$50 Launch Discount! Price will go to $100 1st March

MT4 To DXTrade Copier Features

  • Connect easily and quickly to DXTrade platform
  • See your DXTrade account stats in MetaTrader
  • Automatically map symbols from MT5 to DXTrade
  • Optionally configure symbol mappings manually

Risk Management

  • Control how much risk your trades are copied at with Lot Multiplier or Fixed lots
  • Max Daily Loss in % or $ to automatically close all trades when target is hit and stop copying
  • Max Daily Profit Target in $ to secure positions and then stop copying
  • Add delay to your signal

Copier Filters

  • Only include certain magic numbers to be copied
  • Exclude specific Magic numbers from being copied
  • Only include certain symbols to be copied
  • Exclude specific symbols to be copied
  • Choose to copy buys, sells and pending orders
  • Ignore trades with no Stop Loss
  • Reverse copy
  • Time filters. Only trade on specific days or trading sessions

Does not work for FTMO due to them blocking access from 3rd Parties. It should work on all other Prop Firms.

Make sure you download a demo first from the user guide before buying and test to make sure it works for your broker!

Best run on a VPS for 24/7 copying!

Reviews 4
Terry Alan Lamb


Terry Alan Lamb 2024.03.01 00:14  


This is brilliant and the first to market for a DXtrade copier, which is much needed in the industry right now; the settings are very specific and you really gotta read the manual to get it to work but it works; great job!



KingBlueberry 2024.02.29 16:57  


This is a Super Awesome EA with a well thought/planned user interface. I’m able to keep using my MT4 platform that I know and enjoy. The creator of this EA truly deserves Respect & Appreciation. This EA is easy to install and a powerful tool that helps traders all over the world. Highly Recommended purchase!



rajhans10 2024.02.29 13:03  


Best.. No buddy care about MQ restrictions :))


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