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Product Description

Forex Flex EA

  • NFA And FIFO Compatible
  • MT4 & MT5 Versions
  • Includes Optimized Settings
  • Free Updates
  • Popular Members Only Forum
  • Works On Any MT4/MT5 Broker
  • Avoids Major News
  • 12 Selectable Strategies
  • Can Trade Any Style
  • Money Management Feature
  • Supports All Currency Pairs
  • Best MT4 EA Since 2012All Old Version + V4.95 + Indicators + 67 Presets complete + Guide

How It Works

Flex EA is a verified forex ea that works by using a newly developed innovative technology involving “virtual trades“. Simply put, Flex will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolute perfect entry point, at which point Flex will start opening and managing real trades automatically.

No automated system out there can work long-term without consistently updated settings. Flex features an automatic update system, so you can be sure your copy is always up to date with the latest, best performing settings for the current market conditions. Yet another new innovative feature we’re bringing to the table.


New MT5 Version Now Available
What’s New In 2020?
3 New verified strategies below now available with version 4.95

Verified Live Trading Results
These are all live active trading accounts running right now, click on them to explore their full account history

  • Customer account running built in Halfgrid strategy
    (click image to explore each trading account)

  • Customer account running custom settings from the members forum
    (click image to explore each trading account)

  • Customer Account Running Default settings
    (click image to explore each trading account)


  • Trendsurfing strategy
    (click image to explore each trading account)

  • Uses Default settings with low risk now, trading 4 pairs
    (click image to explore each trading account)

  • Low risk Default settings running since 2015
    (click image to explore each trading account)


Old Verified Customer Accounts

  • This account used the x3Retrace strategy, reached 300% then withdrew all the money 🙂

  • This account traded the Default strategy, but used 6 max trades instead of 5. Account was tripled in 6 months and then profits withdrawn.

  • Customer account that used the Progressive FlexHybrid. .set file available in member forums.


Correlated Hedge Verified Results

  • New Correlated Hedge EA available in package deal with Flex EA

  • User account running Correlated Hedge

  • Another Correlated Hedge account


99% Backtests


    • Simplicity Ready to go out of the box settings, simply plug and play. It’s literally a matter of attaching it to a chart, selecting the strategy you want to use from a drop-down list and clicking OK, that’s it!Works best on (GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURCHF, EURGBP, NZDUSD) but can be traded on virtually any charts. There are a few pairs we recommend avoiding in the setup guide.Optimized set files, Don’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of unique settings available in Flex. Our highly optimized set files take the built in strategies a step further so you don’t have to spend your precious time tweaking. Download a .set from your members area, load it into Flex (as simple as clicking File -> Open) and done! Your Flex will now load all the appropriate settings from that .set file. Not only are there highly optimized .set files from our team, but also some very strong performers shared by many forum members with lots of discussion and help provided.
    • Community The only EA on the market that offers an unfiltered community forum for everyone to share, discuss, brainstorm and help each other. No other EA vendor has the confidence to provide such a valuable tool to it’s customers.
    • Customer Support I put this as a key element of Flex EA because not only am I the developer, I am also the customer support. You will be speaking directly to the person that codes the EA and knows it inside out, not some hired representative that only knows the basics. I read and reply to everyone and many of the features you see in Flex today are customer requested features over the past 7 years.
    • Precision New market monitoring virtual trade technology brings precision entry points that no indicator can compete with. The default settings will use 6 virtual trades per currency pair to monitor market conditions. Lowering this number will result in less accurate entry points, but higher trading frequency. Raising this number will do the opposite. When the market shifts, this is the one of the main settings we end up changing. If and when that happens, we will send out automatic update notices to everyone so you’re never left behind.
    • Flexibility Flex EA can be setup to trade just about any trading strategy imaginable. All 3 memberships will include all 12 different setting configurations that offer 12 unique trading strategies that you can plug and play at the click of a mouse.
    • Verified Results Flex EA has been the best MT4 EA since 2012 to 2021. It is a verified forex ea that works, which you can see by our many verified myfxbook results to show.
    • Key Features
    • Money Management – Adjusts lot sizes based on account balance automatically, even as it grows.
    • News Filter – Avoid any and all high impact news events by ‘xx’ number of minutes. Highly configurable you can either turn it off or avoid news for as many minutes/hours before/after as you want.
    • Equity Trailing TP – One of the core take profit methods of Flex EA. This doesn’t require a physical pip based TP on each trade, instead it follows all trades from each pair in a “basket”, and when one basket reaches a pre-defined percentage, it will trigger this EquityTrailTP to start, locking in half the profit and it will begin trailing it up with the potential of making a lot more than you would imagine, while maintaining the safe guard of never losing once the TP is locked in. This is a very powerful feature that some customers will buy just to manually trade and have this feature alone control their take profits.
    • DD Stoploss – A fail safe, set a percentage of your account balance to close all trades at a certain drawdown percentage in a worst case scenario.
    • Session Filters – Decide if you want to trade 24/5, or avoid certain sessions like Asian, New York, or London.
    • Indicators – EMA crosses, TDI, Support & Resistance, Bollinger Bands, ADR, Stochastic, RSi, Candle sizes, Momentum, and more. All of these indicators can be independently toggled on/off and configured highly.
    • Indicator Closures – Close trades based on indicator configurations, want to close at an EMA cross? No problem. Close when RSi reaches a certain level? and much more!
    • Time filters – Avoid certain times of the day or certain weekdays.
    • Hedging – Turned off by default but available with many configuration options at your finger tips. This is not used by a lot of strategy/set files as not all brokers allow hedging, but it is available in Flex for those who want it.
    • Hide from broker – Don’t want your broker knowing how you trade, use this feature.
    • Currency filters – This will limit your exposure to specific currencies. For example it will limit that max number of USD pairs to be able to trade at the same time to 2 by default, but this can be changed to whatever you want.
  • Much much more – These are just “some” of the key features of Flex EA to give you an idea of what will be at your finger tips behind the scenes here.

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