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TRADE BOOSTER Digital Indicator

V4+ Manual


Trending Moiz | Indicator | Forex

Forex Indicator:

Forex Indicator version 4.0 is designed to trade FOREX. So far this is one of the best indicator among all version i have ever designed. It is very very powerful and maintaining a high accuracy.

It is the combination of 2 Indicators.

1) First Indicator is TRADE BOOSTER Arrow Indicator v4.0.

2) Second Indicator is TRADE BOOSTER Candle Indicator v4.0.

TRADE BOOSTER Arrow Indicator v4.0:

  a) Arrow Indicator version 4.0 works based on Volume Analysis, Market Analysis & Price Action .

TRADE BOOSTER Candle Indicator v4.0:

  a) Candle Indicator v4.0 works based on Momentum Analysis, Strength.

Comparison between Version 1.0, Version 2.0, Version 3.0 & Version 4.0.

a) Version 1.0 was having 8 currencies in Currency Meter where Version 2.0 was having 11 currencies, version 3.0 was having 16 currencies including GOLD, But version 4.0 works based on Market Analysis, Momentum, Volume, Trend & Price Action Concept.

b) Here in Version 4.0 you have to look on Arrow & Candle Indicator, No need to worry about Currency Meter, Bars Indicator as what we were using in version 1,2,3.

c) Accuarcy wise it maintaines 90% which is very high compared to previous versions.

How this Forex Indicator works.?

1) From the above Image-1 this is how it looks like very easy and simple, Candle Color is Pink and Blue. If Blue Candle start forming then trend will be up and when it changes from Blue to Pink then trend will be down.

2) Now lets discuss in more details when to place trade. So basically there are 3 ways to place trade here.

  a) Trend Breakout.

  b) Trend Continuation in 2 timeframes.

  c) Trend Continuation in 3 timeframes.


Trend BreakOut:


1) Trade should be placed based on 1Hr, 4Hrs & 1Day Time Frame.

2) From the above Image-2, Blue Arrow formed which is circled in Yellow Color, you can see Pink Candle is forming. Please wait till first Blue Candle formed. On 3rd Point Blue Candle formed that i have shown in Image-2 then make sure there should not be any Pink Arrow forming on the above Blue Candle, If Pink Arrow forming/formed on the Blue Candle then avoid taking trade. If no Pink Arrow then place trade for Buy here. And close your trade on the next Pink Arrow, which i have circled in Yellow Color and vice versa for sell.

3) I have shown at point 1 Candle is Pink Color, Same way if Blue Arrow forming/formed on that first Pink candle then avoid taking trade. If no Arrow formed then place trade for Sell.

4) At Point 2 also trend is changing from sell to buy, Same here check if Pink Arrow is forming on the point 2 candle then avoid taking trade. If not forming Pink Arrow then place trade for Buy.


Trend Continuation in 2 Time-Frames:


1) From the above Image-3 in 4Hrs Time Frame Area you can see Pink Arrow which is circled in white color.From that Pink Arrow to Last Blue Arrow(which is circled in yellow color) all candles are Blue in Color. It shows Trend Continuation of Bullish (Blue Color) Candle. Now wait for 1 more Bullish Candle after Blue Arrow Candle then place trade for Buy on next Blue Candle i.e on 3rd Blue Candle (counting 1st as a Blue Arrow Candle), And Close it on the next Pink Arrow.

2) Trade should be placed based on 1Hr, 4Hrs & 1Day Time frame only. If you are placing trade based on 1Hr Time Frame and in 1Hr Time Frame you found last formed Arrow is Blue Color then make sure on 30Mins Time Frame also the last formed Arrow should be Blue Color, then only place trade or else avoid. And same condition on Pink Arrow.

3) If placing trade on 4Hrs Time Frame and if on 4Hrs Time Frame last formed Arrow is Pink Color then on 1Hr Time Frame last formed Arrow should be the same Color then only Place Trade or else wait on 1Hr time frame to be the Arrow on same color what 4Hrs time frame has right now then place trade and vice versa for Blue Arrow.

4) And same for 1 Day Time Frame, If placing trade on 1 Day Time Frame and on 1 Day Time Frame last formed Arrow is Blue Color then make sure on 4Hrs Time Frame last formed Arrow should and must be Blue Arrow. Then Place Trade accordingly. And vice versa for Pink Arrow.

5) So from the Image-3 I will be placing trade for buy based on 4Hrs Time Frame and I am getting confirmation from 1Hr Time Frame too for same Blue Arrow. I need 1 more Blue Candle at 4Hrs Time Frame, then will be placing trade for Buy.


Trend Continuation in 3 Time-Frames:


1) So basically here we have to look on 1Hr, 4Hrs, 1Day Time Frames. We have to check same color Arrows in all 3 Time Frames.

2) For Example from the above Image-4, You can see in all 3 Time Frame we got Blue Arrow (Bullish). We should not bother about the candle’s color . Only look for Arrow Color. In 1hr time frame you can see Pink Candles but Arrow is Blue. Thats First Confirmation.

Now Lets’s have a look on 4Hrs Time Frame. Here also the same Pink Candle forms But the last Arrow is Blue Arrow(Bullish). Thats a 2nd Confirmation.

In 1 Day Time Frame candles are in Blue Color and the Last Arrow is Blue Arrow. So here last 3rd confirmation from Arrow which is Blue Color.

3) So the last point you have to check either in 1Hr time frame or in 4Hr time frame 2 or 3 candles should be Bullish or Bearish Candles based on Arrow Color. From the above Image-4 in 1Hr Time Frame after Blue Arrow circled in white color you can see 2, 3 candles are Bullish means upward direction. And also getting confirmation from 4Hrs Time Frame you can see few Bulish Candle upward direction. Thats it Place Trade for Buy.

4) In Summary All 3 Time Frames(1Hr, 4Hrs, 1Day) should have formed the same Color Arrow and minimum 2 to 3 candle should have formed Bullish or Bearish based on Arrow Direction in any one time frame out of 3 (1Hr, 4Hrs, 1Day). Then Place trade for Buy and Sell based on Arrow Color.


Validity : Life Time

Accuracy : 90% +

Price : $250

Payment Mode:

Indian :

   1) Phonepay

   2) Gpay

   3) Bank Account Transfer

   4) Skrill


Non-Indian :

   1) PayPal

   2) Airtm

   3) Skrill

   4) Perfect Money

   5) Western Union


1) How to create Account in FXTM.?

2) How to install TRADE BOOSTER Indicator in your mt4.?


Important Points:

 1) After payment of this Indicator, I want your Real MT4 Account no and worki email id. FXTM MT4 account no is preferable.

 2) I want your working mail id for sending you indicators.

 3) Indicators will be locked on the shared MT4 account number. So only you can use it. Be sure while sharing your MT4 account number. It should and must be correct.

 4) I have provided the videos down below for How to Create account in FXTM and also How to install Custom mt4 Indicators in mt4 Account.

 5) After purchasing this indicator trade on demo accounts for 3 to 5 days in order to understand thoroughly how it works then jump on a REAL account in Binary Options.

 6) After purchasing this indicator, It can’t be transferred to another MT4 account or Return or any Exchange with other indicators.

 6) If Anyone is purchasing any 2 sets of Version 4 Indicators for Ex: (Binary Indicator and Forex Indicator) or (Forex and Digital) or (Binary & SnR Indicator) or (Snr & Forex Indicator)….. at the same time. Then i will give the remaining other’s Version 4 indicator free of cost. Its not like you purchased 1 indicator today and the other one after few days. Then it will not be applicable.

 7) On each referral i will pay you 50$ who ever will purchase any Version 4 indicator through you. For more details click the link below on Referral-Program

And If you are interested in my Referral-Program then click the button below.


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