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Product Description

Correlations Indicator

Indicator enabling the analysis of the relationship between two derivatives.

There are different methods of presentation relationship.

The attached video shows all the functionality of the indicator.

Input parameters

  • Anchor_mode – sets the end of the measurement to the current candle.
  • Follow_mode – if true, the beginning of the measurement (START line) follows a fixed distance after its end (END line).
  • Follow_distance – distance, (in candles) between the beginning and the end of the measurement. It only matters if Follow_mode = true.
  • First_CFD – first derivative.
  • Second_CFD – second derivate.
  • Mirror – if true, then the second derivative is inverted by 180 degrees.
  • ShowHistogram – way to visualize correlations. Histogram or band.
Correlations Indicator
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