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Trend Scalping MT4


Note: This is a limited introductory offer: Only 1 of 5 copies of this EA will be sold at the current price.
The price of this EA will be increased steadily, to limit the number of users trading with this system.
Live Signal: Will publish soon
warning : I only sell this EA exclusively on MQL4. If anyone sells outside of that I’m sure it’s a scam. You will not get support from me.

How EA works.

After the Tokyo session, the EA will scan and search for the best entry points and place buy/sell stops at the London or New York session.
When the position is opened, the EA will automatically move the breakeven and trailing stop to ensure the least risk for the account.
All positions will be closed within one day to ensure account safety.


We tested with a very small capital suitable for beginners or long-time investors.  With a capital of $500, the EA generated a profit of $10M after 7 years. You can see Image 1 for more details.

How to use.

Use with the EURUSD pairs to get the lowest spread.

Create a ZERO Spread account for the best performance.

Use the 1H timeframe.

Use a minimum of $300.

Wishing you successful trading!

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Elljay 2023.06.03 10:16  

Hi Lo, so far the EA is doing well and thank you for your kindness and willingness to help us with the EA to make it work even better.



Mike 2023.05.19 01:54  

I have already purchased AI Scalping, but haven’t traded yet. May I use a $100 account to trade?


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