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TDD FX alert




TDD FX is a new and unique trend indicator. This is a ready trading system. It takes into account the best calculations for determining the trend together with the price balance line. It consists of red and blue zones and a yellow balance line. It DOES NOT redraw its values during its operation.

  • Buy signal – price crosses the balance line upwards, and the price enters the red zone of the indicator;
  • Sell signal – price crosses the balance line, and the price enters the blue zone.

To confirm the signals, use the MACD oscillator from the standard MetaTrader 4 package with parameters 24 52 18. The indicator provides levels marked with price labels for setting the take profits. The red ones are for sell orders, green ones are for buy orders. The stop losses are located at the opposite borders of the channel, or in accordance with the trading system.

The indicator features automatic setting of the color when using different chart background colors.


  • History – the number of days in history data;
  • Future – display the future flag and the future trend lines;
  • Triangle – display the triangles;
  • Line_balanse – display the price balance line;
  • Trendline Close – display the Close line;
  • Trendline Open – display the Open line;
  • Display_prices=ON – enable/disable price label history;
  • Arrows_on=ON – enable/disable arrows;
  • Sound – audio alerts;
  • Alert – alerts.

The indicator outputs the following messages:

  • (Alert):        “BUY”, “SELL”.
TDD FX alert

TDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alertTDD FX alert

Reviews 4


Leonid007 2017.06.04 22:44  


Отличный индикатор!



pavel_atom 2017.05.03 12:04  


Отличный индикатор ! Советую брать ! Благодаря индикатору увеличил количество валютных пар для торговли. Было 7 основных, теперь 21 )) Прост в понимании, не требует ежесекундного наблюдения, алерт всегда оповестит о необходимости заглянуть в терминал. Спасибо создателю индикатора, за отличную работу.



svirgo 2017.04.25 19:29  


Recently bought this indicator and loving it.

I have it installed on the major pairs (5) and over the last 3 days it gave 3 signals on 3 pairs that all went into profit.

Having a built in mobile alert notification coded in would make it even more convenient.

Thanks Vladimir


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