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Quantum Emperor MT4




Introducing Quantum Emperor EA, the groundbreaking MQL5 expert advisor that’s transforming the way you trade the prestigious GBPUSD pair! Developed by a team of experienced traders with trading experience of over 13 years.

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Quantum Emperor EA utilizes a unique strategy where it continuously splits a single trade into seven smaller trades. This means that each time the EA executes a trade, it automatically divides it into seven smaller positions.

Quantum Emperor EA stands out from other expert advisors due to its remarkable approach to handling losing trades. Unlike traditional methods that solely rely on Stop Loss orders to limit losses, Quantum Emperor EA employs a sophisticated technique to manage losing positions effectively.When faced with a losing seven trades batch, instead of closing them immediately, Quantum Emperor EA divides the next position into seven smaller ones. It then strategically uses the profits from winning trades to gradually close the losing positions, one by one, until all of them are successfully discarded.

This unique strategy allows Quantum Emperor EA to optimize its risk management, minimize losses, and potentially turn losing trades into profitable ones. By harnessing the power of multiple smaller positions and profit redistribution, it demonstrates a higher level of adaptability and resilience in challenging market conditions.


  • Currency pair: GBPUSD
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Minimum deposit : $500
  • Account type: ECN, Raw or Razor with very low spreads.
  • Brokers : IC Markets, Pepperstone with Raw and Razor accounts for lowest spreads
  • IMPORTANT: It is very impoportant to use LOW SPREAD accounts for best results !
  • Account type: Hedge


  • Trade GBPUSD
  • Every trade is protected with 250 pips SL
  • Exit strategy incorporates a trailing stop using a H1 Chart
  • Orders are split into 7 smaller orders and losing ones can be closed using profit harnessed by the winning orders.
  • Autolot function incorporated
  • Very easy to install, does not need any changes on settings, default settings are perfect for most brokers that use a GMT+3 server time. If your broker has different server time, small time setting adjustments need to be done!
  • VPS not essential but recommended
  • You can find backtest results in comment section !
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azimum 2023.09.07 12:08  



I’ve been using the Quantum Emperor for a few weeks now, and it already half-passed the prop firm challenge for me. Easy set up combined with top-notch precision and consistency Frankly, before buying, I had doubts, but Bogdan’s responsiveness bribed me, and I made the right choice. Special thanks to him for his support I can highly recommend this expert to anyone looking to enhance their trading game



cpuzilla 2023.09.07 11:45  



Bought the EA about 3 weeks ago and have been trading on demo. The EA is quite impressive and so far has been spot on when it comes to taking winning trades. There was one particular trade that went in the other direction but the EA somehow knew what to do and managed to reduce the drawdown eventually. I wouldn’t have been able to manage it manually, so an EA that has the intelligence to manage its trades is something that is rather impressive. Will be moving it to a live account soon as I’m satisfied with how the EA works, i.e. no dangerous martingale/grid methods that would blow accounts. Also happy with Bodgdan’s responsiveness so far and the frequent updates to the EA.

Karl Wieczorek


Karl Wieczorek 2023.09.07 06:23  



Having purchased Quantum Emperor a couple of weeks ago, I’ve monitored the results and the behaviour of the EA. Every aspect of this EA is described in the overview and video accurately. It performed very well with winning trades and the management of only one losing trade in this period. The losing trade hadn’t actually stopped-out but Quantum Emperor progressively closed the trade in drawdown using the profits of the following trade as described in the overview. The trailing stop loss used when trades are in profit adds another level of comfort while trades are running. I highly recommend Quantum Emperor and the whole Quantum Series of EA’s. Excellent developers, great support and very responsive to messages. 5+ Stars for sure.


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