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  • How do I install and does it open and close trades automatically?

    Installation is simple and explained in a short file, once the installation is done the rest is completely automatic as the EA is smart and opens and closes trades automatically.

  • Do I need to check it every time and change settings?

    Once you setup it up the first time, the rest will be fully automatic and you don’t need to change or check anything. The EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.

  • When do I get the product after purchasing?

    An email will be sent to you automatically after purchase.
    You email us your Metatrader login ID and we will activate the EA for you.

  • How many accounts can I use at the same time?

    With each purchase, it will be activated for you in only 1 account.
    You must purchase to use in more accounts.

  • How many days will it take to complete the challenge?

    It depends on the market conditions.
    Sometimes EA passes phase 1 in 10 days and sometimes in 20 days.
    The exact number of days cannot be said.

  • How likely is it to lose the account?

    The robot obeys the rules.
    Controls the DD robot.
    Sometimes it may not reach the desired profit according to the market conditions.
    In this situation, some Prop companies extend your account for 14 days.

  • Does the EA work on the live account after passing the challenge?

    Yes, you can run the bot on personal live account and funding account.

  • Do you have support for installation?

    Yes ,
    Message us on Telegram after purchase.
    Our colleagues will help you to install the EA without any problems.
    If requested, we will install it for you with AnyDesk software

  • Metatrader Version?

    All our robots work on MetaTrader4

  • Which is the best prop firm company?

    It depends on your taste.
    Our bots work on all prop companies

  • Is it installed on mobile?


    It can only be used on PC and VPS

  • Your company’s working hours?

    5 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm
    Holidays: 11 am to 5 pm
    London time

  • How is your support?


    Social Media


  • Can I change the account number?

    After activating the bot, it is not possible to change the account number


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