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Night Hawk EA



Night Hawk EA 14.65 + manual + presets



The Expert Advisor trades during the Asian session according to the CCI, Bollinger Bands indicators. If the price moves in unfavorable direction, an order grid is placed, with a dynamic step depending on the indicator values. The EA features a breakeven function, four position exit filters.

Recommended Brokers: AlpariIC MarketsFortFS

Real account signal of the EA:

Set files and test results: DOWNLOAD

Detailed description of the EA and it settings: CLICK

General Settings

  • Set Name – name of the set file.
  • Lot – fixed lot size for the EA to open orders.
  • DepoPer001Lot – automatic lot size as the specified deposit amount per 0.01 lot.
  • Take Profit – fixed take profit value in points.
  • Dynamic TP: Channel Percent – TP calculated as the specified percentage of the current channel width of the BB indicator.
  • Dynamic TP: Min Size – the minimum take profit value when using ‘Dynamic TP: Channel Percent’, in points.
  • TP: Include Swap and Comission – consider all profit to summ Take Profit

Extra Settings

  • StopOpenNewOrders – pause to open new orders
  • Max Spread – the maximum allowable spread in points (for Buy and Sell apart)
  • ExitDDPercent – drawdown percentage to force close all orders
  • StopByMaxDD – DD % at which the EA is not allowed to open new grids
  • StopByMaxSymbolTrades – the maximum number of trading pairs allowed in the market at a time
  • StopEqualCurrencyTrade – check the unidirectional trading pairs in the market and prohibit entries on them.

Enter Settings

  • BB: Period – period of the Bollinger Bands indicator.
  • BB: Deviation – deviation of the BB indicator.
  • BB: Delta – indent of the BB indicator from the boundaries (can be in both direction), in points.
  • BB: Min Channel Width – the minimum width of the BB channel at which the EA is allowed to trade, in points.
  • CCI: Period – period of the Commodity Channel Index indicator. If 0, the indicator signal is ignored.
  • CCI: Level – level of the CCI indicator. Calculated for the opposite signs. That is, at ‘CCI: Level = 100’ the levels 100 and -100 will be used.

Candle Size Filter

  • UseMaxCandleForAllOrders – use the maximum candle size filter for all orders of the grid. If False, it is used only for the first order.
  • Max Candle Size – the maximum sum of the last N candles’ lengths (from High to Low), above which the EA will not open new orders.
  • Bars For Analyze – the number of recent candles on the chart to analyze the candle sizes.

Grid Settings

  • ATR Period for Distance – ATR period for calculating the minimum allowable distance between grid orders.
  • ATR Multiplier – multiplier for the ATR value.
  • Multiplier 3 level – lot multiplier, used only for the third level of the grid. The second level is always opened with the initial lot size.
  • Multiplier > 3 level – lot multiplier for the grid, starting from the fourth level.
  • TPDecreasePercent – reduce the TP of the grid by the specified percentage every time a new grid level is opened.
  • BE Level – number of level to move the grid TP to breakeven.
  • Averaging Level – number of the level at which the lot multiplication stops and the lot size is set equal to the last used value.

Exit Settings

  • Exit Profit Percent – percentage of take profit, at which the four filters for exiting positions start working.
  • Exit BB Filter: Out Channel Distance – distance from the opposite channel boundary of the BB indicator in points, at which the closure will occur.
  • Exit CCI Filter: Period – period of the CCI indicator to force close the position when an opposite indicator signal appears.
  • Exit MA Filter: Period – a position is closed when the Moving Average with this period changes direction.
  • Exit Time Filter: Minutes – the number of minutes since last order, after which profitable positions are closed.

1 Order Trade Time Filter

  • GMT Offset – time offset of the broker server from GMT.
  • Start Trade Hour/Start Trade Minute – hour and minutes to start trading.
  • End Trade Hour/End Trade Minute – hour and minutes to to stop trading.

1 Order Rollover Filter

  • Rollover Filter – if true, activates the filter.
  • Start Rollover Hour/Start Rollover Minute – hour and minutes for start rollover pause filter.
  • End Rollover Hour/End Rollover Minute – hour and minutes for stop rollover pause filter.

Other Settings

 – settings for graphic and text display

Night Hawk EA

Night Hawk EANight Hawk EANight Hawk EANight Hawk EANight Hawk EANight Hawk EA

Comentarios 12
Armen Khachatryan


Armen Khachatryan 2020.04.21 16:48  



Советник, торгует у меня на счете уже почти год. Работой советника очень доволен. Недавний обвал прошёл без существенной просадки. Спасибо автору.

Abdul Salam


Abdul Salam 2020.01.29 19:11  



Roman Starostin is very cooperative and the EA is working good . the auther is very active and humble, listen to every problem carefully and answer according to the situation . . . .

Mikhail Ryzhachenko


Mikhail Ryzhachenko 2018.08.16 12:23  



Советник прост в настройке, автор отзывчивый, показатели не большие, но главное стабильно и в плюс!


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