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Naragot Portfolio

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This EA is a professional portfolio of trend-following multicurrency trading systems based on principles of volatility breakout and breakouts of support/resistance levels. Consists of 7 strategies chosen from a pool of many other which I trade myself for a long time on real accounts with significant money on themMT5 version: (as the system is multicurrency it is recommended to backtest it in MT5)

MQL Signal:


– I am a trader, not a seller. 4.5 years of profitable public trading. More than 700 000$ under management. One of my public accounts with FCA broker: Darwinex DARWIN RAT

–  Live signal available with great results achieved on a real account with default settings of the EA

–  It DOES NOT have trades every day! Nor does it have profit every week. It trades the way most professionals do: with rare, but accurate entries. The system leverages relatively big trending movements, and these do not happen every day. When they do, the EA will make sure to use them to the fullest extent possible

– It is not a curve fitting, not a tester grail (like most scalpers) and not a system on overoptimized parameters of indicators. The systems are based on fundumental principles which work on many popular instruments

– “Trend is your friend” – the system trades only in the direction of trends.

– Proved by time, only the best strategies chosen from the pool of many others

– Unlike most sellers, I trade these strategies myself with my own significant funds

– 2 completely different types of trend trading

– Pure Price Action. No indicators used

– Trading 4 of the most liquid pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDJPY

– Every position has its Take Profit and Stop Loss which are not changed till closing. Take Profit is always higher than or equals Stop Loss (very important for the system robustness)

– No toxic methods of money management are used (grid, martingale, curvefitting, artificial high winrate, SL > TP) which usually lead to to the loss of a deposit

– Easy to use

– Customization of risk inside the strategy.


– Add EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY to MarketWatch in the Terminal

– Open graphs of EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY and go through all timeframes from M1 to D1 to download the history.

– Drag’n’Drop “Naragot Portfolio” on EURUSD M1


– EET offset.

EET – Eastern European Time used by majority of brokers. It allows to fit divide trading week into 5 24-hours cadles. In this case you should leave the setting at “0”. But if your broker uses any other time in the terminal change this setting. For example if your broker uses GMT time set “-3” or “-2” depending on DST.

– Symbol Names.

If the names of the symbols are not standart “EURUSD”, “GBPUSD”, “USDJPY”, “XAUUSD” then change these values. In fact this setting allows you to use any symbol.

– Risk Management

Fixed_Lot – all positions will be opened with fixed lots. Recommended to use only in backtesting.

Fixed_Balance – all positions will be opened with volume as if the balance of the account is always 10k$. The right way to backtest. Using this method you may see the logarythmic equity graph to rateprofit factor and recovery factor of the whole system with chosen risk balance.

Auto_Lot – recommended setting for real trading. Trading volume is calculated depending on the account balance.

– Set risk multiplicator for every strategy in the system. From the box drawdown for every strategy is ~15%. If you set “0” the strategy will be turned off.


– MT4 doesn’t provide multicurrency testing so it is recommended to use MT5 for backtesting even if you are going to use MT4 version.

– Test every system independently.

– Find the risk balance which fits you risk appetite.

Trade safe!

Naragot Portfolio

Naragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot PortfolioNaragot Portfolio

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ziber 2021.08.09 17:19  


Nice EA, stable profits, professional MM



Mooncloud 2021.08.09 16:04  


I have bought this EA MT5 first, and satisfied with it, and decided to buy MT4 also. You can see my review in MT5. I think this EA can be a ‘must have portfolio’ in your account.



matts373 2021.07.29 09:09  


Very knowledgeable author and took the time to explain the correct risk profile for me. All looking very promising (Not a get rich quick blow your account kind of EA if that is what you are looking for) Seems to be best for the long term investor

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1 review for Naragot Portfolio

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