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GridMartin Conqueror 1.8 + Preset


V1.4 + V1.8


Thrilling expert which seeks how to win. In this it is maintained by the options: grid, averaging, martingale.

The best sets for currency pairs: GBPUSD, GBPCAD, EURJPY (timeframe М1).

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Version for MT5:


  • Select_Enter_Signal – selection of trading logic for opening orders.
  • Signal_Only_for_First_Transaction – use the logic of opening orders only for the first order in the order grid.
  • Total_open_transactions – maximum number of simultaneously open orders.
  • Total_open_for_Buy_and_Sell – if “false”, then Total_open_transactions is applied separately for Buy transactions and Sell transactions.
  • Transactions_only_unidirectional – open only unidirectional orders.
  • Min_minuts_pause_between_orders – minimum pause in minutes between opening of orders.
  • minutes_separately_for_buy_and_sell – apply Min_minuts_pause_between_orders separately for Buy transactions and Sell transactions.
  • Multiplier_of_Min_minuts_pause – multiplier for Min_minuts_pause_between_orders when opening the next order.
  • Min_pips_between_orders – minimum difference of the prices of opening in points, necessary for opening of the new order.
  • pips_separately_for_buy_and_sell – apply Min_pips_between_orders separately for Buy transactions and Sell transactions.
  • Multiplier_of_Min_pips_between_orders – multiplier for Min_pips_between_orders when opening the next order.
  • negative_pips – to consider difference (Min_pips_between_orders) going against the open order.
  • positive_pips – to consider difference (Min_pips_between_orders) going towards the open order.
  • Multi_Lots_Factor_at_negative_pips – multiplier for the trading lot when opening an order by condition negative_pips.
  • Multi_Lots_Factor_at_positive_pips – multiplier for the trading lot when opening an order by condition positive_pips.
  • Funds_for_0,01_of_Lot – amount of funds for 0.01 trading lot for the first order in the order grid.
  • TakeProfit_Safety – initial Take Profit;  0 – disabled.
  • Close_orders_at_percentage_of_loss – percentage of floating loss from the balance at which orders are closing;  0 – disabled.
  • pause_in_bars_at_loss – pause in the bars of the chart at Close_orders_at_percentage_of_loss.
  • Close_orders_at_percentage_of_profit_1 – percentage of floating profit from the balance at which orders are closing;  0 – disabled.
  • pause_in_bars_at_profit_1 – pause in the bars of the chart at Close_orders_at_percentage_of_profit_1.
  • Close_orders_at_percentage_of_profit_2 – percentage of floating profit from the balance at which orders are closing if a signal to the opposite order is detected;  0 – disabled.
  • pause_in_bars_at_profit_2 – pause in the bars of the chart at Close_orders_at_percentage_of_profit_2.
  • Close_profit_at_change_of_direction – closing profit when changing the direction of transactions.
  • Trailing_Stop – trailing stop value; 0 – disabled.
  • Trailing_Start – necessary amount of points from an order Open price for setting a trailing stop.
  • Magic – a unique magic number for the EA’s trades.
  • Comment – a comment to the EA’s trades.
  • BUY_orders – to open a buy orders.
  • SELL_orders – to open a sell orders.
  • Max_Spread_Open_for_BUY – maximum spread when opening a buy trade in points.
  • Max_Spread_Open_for_SELL – maximum spread when opening a sell trade in points.
  • description of all parameters is presented in the comment thread.

For ease standard points are always indicated in the parameters (by the 4th digit). On five-digit brokers points are recalculated automatically.

An automated trading system with smart entry/exit algorithms that uses grid and martingale techniques to maximize profits.

The expert has monitoring with a long history for many months, since this system, like all my other experts, is focused on long-term growth:

Now is the lowest price. Price increase from January 3.

Highlights to pay attention to

During live operation of the expert the GMT offset parameter is determined automatically based on local time of the computer (GMT_Offset_AUTO=true). This parameter provides synchronization of the expert settings with the MetaTrader 5 server time. To ensure the correctness of settings it is necessary:

  • to compare the GMT time in expert information area on any one chart of currency pair, to which the expert is attached, with (or other reliable source).
  • If the values do not match, then set GMT_Offset_AUTO=false and set a value of GMT_Offset_Manual according to the instructions in

Pay attention to the useful information in my profile:

Any questions and help with setting up in a private message.
GridMartin Conqueror

GridMartin ConquerorGridMartin ConquerorGridMartin ConquerorGridMartin ConquerorGridMartin ConquerorGridMartin Conqueror

Reviews 15
Morteza Hosseini


Morteza Hosseini 2021.11.07 18:43  



Unparalleled expert



zhouhfdzpt11 2021.11.02 09:18  



It has been used for two months, a cost-effective EA, the author is also a professional and responsible person, and will help you at any time if you encounter difficulties.

Danny Jacques


Danny Jacques 2021.10.31 14:52  



Great support from the author ! Probably the best in the market! thank Mr. Kulikov


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