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Greedy Golden MT4

Build 1420
  • Important: Please use in accounts with lower swap or swap-free accounts.
  • Contact me after payment to send you the user manual PDF file
  • See the real monitoring signal in my profile.
  • Use only on gold and on the BUY direction.
Trading gold is attractive to many traders due to the high volatility and depth of the
Should we invest in gold or just scalp it?
Answering this question is a big challenge for many traders.
X trading robot is the answer to this challenge.
This robot simulates dynamic investment (investment with scalp) and catches longterm trends as well as small fluctuations.


Trading pairs
Timeframe M5,M15,M30(M15 is the best)
Minimum deposit $500
Leverage Minimum 1:20
Brokers Every Brokers, Lowest swap or swap-free accounts
Account Currency  USD,EUR

Explanation of algorithm

The robot defines 2 types of positions; Fixed positions and temporary positions. Fixed positions are for getting maximum profit from super trends and position positions are for getting profit from small price fluctuations.

Opening positions by detecting divergence and closing them by specific profit margin or trailing stop loss.


The robot algorithm is designed based on divergence detection and capital management. so that it avoids dangerous risks and works in the safest possible state.

Some recommendations for better performance

  • Use in accounts with less spreads and commission
  • EA has a time filter, can be used when market has fluctuations and in news time.


  • Do not change or modify positions manually; Trust the EA, it is a profitable expert, let it make profit for you.


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