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Golden Club

V2.5 + Guide + Presets



Golden Club is a complete automated trading robot that has been designed and created based on our best strategies in forex trading.

All trades are protected by stop loss.

Users can use a fixed lot or auto lot money management.

Why this EA:

  • The risk is under control with this EA
  • High recovery factor ,and high profit factor showed in the signal and tests
  • Smart entries calculated by 12 great strategies
  • The EA can be run on even a $200 account
  • Contains an optional NEWS FILTER  ( read comment #84 or send me a message in private messages for an explanation)
                           LIVE SIGNALS (real money accounts):              Golden Club S 



  • ChooseEA : there are 3 options (GoldenClub,additionalST1 ,additionalST2)
  • Gold_3_Digits : for 3 digits accounts
  • StopLoss : stop loss per points
  • TakeProfit : take profit per points
  • MaximumSpread : maximum allowed spread before placing an order
  • TradeComment :a comment that will be shown with each trade
  • MagicNumber : it is a number that helps the EA to recognize its own orders
  • AllowExtraTrades :  if you use “AllowExtraTrades = false” the EA can have only 1 buy and 1 sell open position.
  • MinProfitTrailSLForRecovery : minimum required profit (per point) to activate recovery trailing stop loss
  • MoneyManagementType : money management type. (FixedLot,AutoLot)
  • FixedOrderSize : fixed order size for fixed lot money management
  • IncreaseLotSizeEvery : if you choose auto lot money management the EA will increase the lot size based on this number

*** WARNING : my products are available only in the MQL market. if you see them somewhere else those are fake; be aware of scams. the EA contains a DLL finder so don’t use a fake version !!!***

Golden Club
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RobinRos 2023.02.19 19:09  


Good EA. I suggest to stop it during FED week. We are living in a strange period.

Sam B


Sam B 2023.01.31 11:00  


I don’t understand these 1 star reviews – I have had this EA for almost one month – and not one loss. It has a large stop loss allowance – calculate how much you are willing to risk per trade and set the appropriate lot’s per trade. You have the option of 3 strategies – or have all 3 going like I do – run small lots and let it do it’s thing. Barat is also a helpful person and has been very helpful.



Ragtop50 2023.01.25 23:08  


Very good EA, I have it running on two demo accounts (two different brokers) and so far it is very profitable. In just two weeks on a $5000 demo account, one is up over $1000, the other one is uper just over $600. Hopefully soon I can turn this one over to a live account. So far trades seem to match backtesting.


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