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Gann Made Easy is a professional and easy to use Forex trading system which is based on the best principles of trading using the theory of mr. W.D. Gann. The indicator provides accurate BUY and SELL signals including Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. You can trade even on the go using PUSH notifications.


Probably you heard already many times about Gann trading methods. Usually Gann’s theory is very complex thing not only for newbie traders but also for those who already have some trading experience. This is because the Gann’s trading methods are not that easy to apply in theory. I spent several years to polish that knowledge and put the best principles into my Forex indicator.

The indicator is very easy to apply. All you need is attach it to your chart and follow simple trading recommendations. The indicator constantly does it market analysis job and looks for trading opportunities. When it detects a good entry point, it provides you with an arrow signal. Also the indicator shows Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

In other words, the indicator gives you the best Gann’s recommendations Live when you’re trading as if mr. Gann personally tells you what to do in this or that moment. But the best part is you do not need to know anything about Gann’s trading principles because the indicator does the whole market analysis work for you.

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stlastla 2024.02.09 18:37  


I have tested the indicator for two weeks now and it works wonders for me. 18 trades on the M15 on a mix of Forex and Indices. 70% win rate. I will probably be able get it even higher in the coming weeks as I’m still learning about its mechanics. If you have some basic knowledge about price action and market structure this indicator will help you a lot. I haven’t tested it my self, but I think you might be profitable just by taking trades of the signals by it self. In addition to the indicator, Igor gives an amazing support and gives you everything you need to know, answers all your questions. Fantastic guy.



KugoPriest 2024.02.08 13:56  


Good tool, for 2 days of use I got almost 450$ profit with fractional lot 0.25, I tried it on M15. I used it in combination with other tools to increase the accuracy of the signal, but this product allows you to set the profit bar not 30-70 pips as before, but as much as 200-400 pips depending on the currency pair, and this is only up to the 1st level on M15. I would also like to note a very generous bonus after purchase, it is obvious that the developer is not indifferent to his clients.

Serafin Perez


Serafin Perez 2024.01.30 14:58  


Highly accurate indicator. Help and service is very helpful. A very good tool overall.

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