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Franklin EA MT5

All Old Version + V1.34 + All Presets


When multi-trading with this bot, you need to control Magic numbers. The bot uses a separate Magic for each signal according to the formula: Magic specified in the settings + signal number, i.e. specified Magic = 100 for a set, then, depending on the number of included signals, the bot will take numbers up to 115 (15 is the maximum number of signals).

Max_Trade_Pair – Filter for simultaneously trading pairs. With a value of 0, it is disabled, with a value of 1.2, etc. limits the number of pairs in the auction.

– Unidirectional_Pair_Filter – If set to true, the filter blocks opening on unidirectional pairs. For example, if USDCAD sales are open, then we do not sell all pairs with USD. But we can buy USDYYY pairs. Disabled when set to false.

– The unidirectional pairs filter now sees all orders on the account, not only its own.


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