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Product Description

Fire Rider Indicator

Fire Rider Indicator V2.86


Fire Rider Indicator 100% No Repaint || Accurate Signals || Working On (


Benefits of the Fire Rider Indicator

  • Entry signal no repaint 

When signal arrow place on chart that never repainting or disappear.

  • No error for appear arrow and alert notification

Never get error when appear arrow and for notification in MT4 all instruments

  • Reversal signal provide any trend direction

Signal not provide Buy&Sell. It working Top&Bottom reversal based. Same direction it can show more signal for holding trades.

  • Never get affected for MT4 terminal updated

If MT4 terminal update officially Indicator not make error in updated terminal version.

  • After the order is completed how long will get file?   

Instantly download file after order completed.


Fire Rider Indicator 100% No Repaint

A high accurate signal indicator showing 85% correct market price trend direction. Never repaint after the signal appear. Fire Rider Indicator Strategy based on top and bottom with perfect entry point position. It gives a higher winning trading signal on any MT4 instruments. Trading conditions day trading, scalping, swing trading, top&bottom trading, etc. working perfectly.



Product Details:

Indicator Details Feature
Supported platforms MT4
Timeframe Any
Based on strategy Top and bottom reversal-based strategy. Indicator analysis market high low price with strategy makes signal arrow
Charts instruments All currencies, stock, commodities, crypto, index, etc.
Type of signal category Arrow
Type of trading scalping, day trading, swing trading, etc.
Signal type 100% non-repaint
Signal delay candle close to arrow appear
Sounds Alert notification yes
Accuracy 90%
Custom settings Yes
Historical chart signal Yes
File type EX4



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