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Expert Signals: Signal 1Signal 2Signal 3.

Limit orders and default settings are used on signals.
Fully automated, which does not use grid strategies, martingale,
averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc.
All positions have a fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss.
Take Profit is relative, since the expert himself decides when to close or trawl Take Profit positions.
Two Stop Losses are set, virtual and real., Virtual is set so that the stop is not knocked down by the dynamic spread.,
A real one for closing a position on the broker’s server in unforeseen circumstances (lost connection, problems with the broker, etc.).
The automatic Swap filter analyzes the size of the negative (swap) and decides whether to trade or not at the moment.

There is a news filter that disables trading when news is released.

I recommend initially considering currency pairs for trading:
Also possible currency pairs for trading:
Before the tests, you need to download the history of quotes for currency pairs that will be tested.
The quality of the simulation should be at least 90%
Use a VPS for uninterrupted communication with the broker, or a reliable Internet connection.
Use ECN accounts – ECN.Pro .
The time period of the charts is any.

Before buying, you should study the trading conditions on the website of the dealing center where the expert will trade.

It is also worth reading about the risks of trading on the forex market.

Minimum deposit:
For trading one pair on one account from 100 units of deposit.
For trading multiple pairs on one account, it is recommended from 50-100 units of deposit per currency pair.
Expert Parameters:
All recommended currency pairs are normally traded with default settings,
for individual settings, optimization of the main parameters is possible.

INITIAL_LOT – The initial lot for trading.

RISE_LOT – The increment lot to the position.

STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL – A virtual stop to be set, by which the position will be closed.

STOP_LOSS_FORCE_MAJEURE – A real stop to be set, for unforeseen circumstances.

TAKE_PROFIT – Initially set possible profit.

USE_LIMIT_ORDERS – Use limit orders.

INPUT_SIGNAL L – Signal to place (open) an order (position), approximate optimization framework (1.0 — 0.1 — 2.0).

A_SIGNAL_TO_CLOSE_PROFIT – Signal to close a position, approximate optimization framework ((-1.0) — 0.1 — 1.0).

FILTER_SWAP – Automatic Swap filter. *

DISPLAY_SWAP – Display Swap.

TRADE_NEWS – Trade with the news

YOUR_TIME_ZONE,_GMT_(FOR_EWSN) – GMT shift of the news.

MAGIC_NUMBER – The magic number.

MAX_SPREAD_CLOSE – The maximum spread at which a position on a virtual Stop Loss can be closed.

USE_A_SOUND – Use the Expert’s sound files.

PRINTING – Printing to a magazine.
MASSAGES – Log all messages.

SHOW _PROFIT – Show the result of trading.

DELETING_OBJECTS – Delete trading objects from the chart.

* Important!

For normal operation (SWAP_FILTER), it is necessary to copy the line below to the address written below to the terminal.

https:*****//ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang= 1
in the terminal settings: Service/Settings/Advisors, tick allow WebRequest, add URL and insert line and DELETE!(*****)


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