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Band trend indicator



A top and bottom indicator that can intuitively identify the trend of the band. It is the best choice for manual trading, without redrawing or drifting. How to get this indicator for free: Learn more


Price increase of $20 every 3 days, price increase process: 79–> 99–> 119…… Up to a target price of $1000.

For any novice and programming trading friend, you can write the signal into the EA to play freely. Array 3 and array 4, for example, 3>4 turns green, 3<4 turns red. If you don’t understand, please contact me.

====================Parameter introduction:==============

KQuantity                // Display the number of historical K lines

InpPeriod_3             // Index acquisition range parameters

Popupalarm             // Pop-up alarm switch

Mailalarm                // Mail alarm switch

AlarmTimeinterval   // Interval between each alarm

Upperhorizontalline // Upper horizontal line parameter

Lowerhorizontalline // Lower horizontal line parameter

===================analysis method:====================

buy : The indicator green column is below the horizontal line below, and the red column is changed into the green column to determine the buy

Sell : The indicator red column is above the upper horizontal line, and the green column is changed into the red column to determine the sell

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DanyLbc747 2023.11.03 23:20  


Good indicator!

Sujeet Kumar


Sujeet Kumar 2023.10.19 18:53  


Very usefull indicator for me, please add Push Notification option also.

Zhifeng Lin


Zhifeng Lin 2023.08.07 04:08  




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